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Weather in Extremadura: Heat and haze put Extremadura on alert starting this Friday

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A tongue of African air will be responsible for the increase in temperatures this weekend and as well as the arrival of suspended dust

Tania Agundez

The heat and the haze will be the protagonists this weekend in Extremadura. The person responsible for this situation will be a mass of African origin with very warm and dry air that has already begun to enter the Iberian Peninsula, causing an increase in temperatures. But this phenomenon will also drag suspended dust to the peninsula, causing another episode of haze and reduced visibility mainly during this Friday and Saturday, according to the prediction of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet).

With the extreme temperatures forecast for the early summer that is expected in Extremadura for the next few days, the first heat alert of the year is also coming. The region will activate the yellow warning for high temperatures this Friday, which will affect Las Vegas del Guadiana, La Siberia and the areas of Barro and Serena, all in the province of Badajoz. It will start at 1:00 p.m. and end at 8:00 p.m. that same day. The notice is launched because that day the thermometers are expected to mark 38 degrees in those parts of the region. The Aemet has already extended the alert for high temperatures also to Saturday, between 1 pm and 8 pm, although for the time being only for the Las Vegas del Guadiana area. «The presence of this warm mass, together with the conditions of atmospheric stability and the strong insolation, will cause a progressive and marked rise in temperatures, reaching values ​​typical of summer and exceptionally high for these dates. An episode that will be quite widespread and will affect the entire peninsula, except Galicia and the western Cantabrian Sea, ”they explain from the Aemet.

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For this Thursday, the mercury is expected to exceed 35 degrees in the Extremadura community, but it will be from Friday when the increase in values ​​is more prominent and widespread. For that day and on Saturday, temperatures will continue to climb. Although at the beginning of the week maximum values ​​close to 45 degrees were expected in the province of Badajoz, at this time the prediction has been corrected and maximums are expected to be around 38-40 degrees on Friday and could slightly exceed 40 degrees on Saturday.

The minimum temperatures will also be abnormally high, since the thermometers could mark between 20 and 24 degrees in various parts of Extremadura.

Calima episodes are expected in the Iberian Peninsula this Friday and Saturday. /



The air mass coming from North Africa will also bring suspended dust that will progressively spread from south to north, mainly affecting the west of the country. It will cause haze in the western half, with the Extremadura community being one of the most affected areas, so cloudy skies will be recorded this Friday and especially on Saturday and visibility will be reduced. This phenomenon will also worsen the air quality.

On the same Saturday, the arrival of a low Atlantic altitude is expected with a cold core that will enter the peninsula from the southwest and move eastward, which will cause the mass of warm African air to begin to withdraw towards the Mediterranean and begin to remit the intense heat in the west. On that day the atmosphere will start to become unstable. For this reason, a strong temperature drop is expected in Extremadura on Sunday, with a difference of up to 10 degrees being possible, leaving the thermometers at a maximum of 28 degrees in Badajoz and 26 degrees in Cáceres.


In episodes of intense heat, the emergency services advise citizens to avoid sun exposure in the middle of the day, drink plenty of fluids without waiting to be thirsty, especially water and refrigerated fruit juices; avoid copious meals and do not abuse alcoholic beverages; reduce physical activity and stay in ventilated or conditioned places; wear light-colored, loose-fitting, natural fabric clothing, a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

Likewise, it is recommended to use the coolest rooms in the house, lower blinds and close windows during the day and open them at night to ventilate, keep food in the refrigerator and always monitor hygienic conservation measures.

It is also necessary to pay special attention to minors and the elderly, monitoring their degree of hydration, and if necessary, contact 112.

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