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Weather in Extremadura: Rise in temperatures during the weekend until the rain returns on Monday

Many people from Extremadura will enjoy the pilgrimages and other outdoor activities. / TODAY

This Saturday it will touch 30 degrees in some points of the province of Badajoz

This weekend will be marked by stable and sunny weather that will allow you to enjoy outdoor plans in Extremadura. This Saturday, April 30, there will be a predominance of slightly cloudy or clear skies, with some evolution cloudiness in the north of Cáceres, as well as in the Villuercas, Guadalupe, Montánchez and San Pedro mountain ranges. The State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) does not rule out an afternoon shower in the Sierra de Gredos. Temperatures will be on the rise, light in the minimum and which may be notable in the maximum, reaching 29 degrees in Badajoz or 27 in Cáceres.

Sunday May 1

On Sunday, May 1, the situation will change little. Skies will be slightly cloudy with intervals of high clouds; and temperatures will remain unchanged in the region, or slightly lower. The maximum temperatures will reach 27 degrees in cities like Badajoz and 25 in Cáceres.

On Monday, May 2, there will be a drop in temperature and rain is expected. The skies will be a little cloudy at first, but they will be covering from midday. The Aemet foresees probable showers in the afternoon, preferably in the north. The maximum temperatures will go down and will fall to 23 degrees in Badajoz or 22 in Cáceres.

Rest of the country

As for the weather forecast for the rest of the country during this bridge, the skies will also be slightly cloudy or clear and with rising temperatures in the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, according to the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET) which reports that once again With the beginning of next week, the widespread rains will return and the thermometers will fall again. Temperatures will move between 11 and 28 degrees in Badajoz and between 11 and 25 in Cáceres.

Thus, intervals of low morning clouds are also expected over the weekend in the Cantabrian area and evolution clouds in the interior that can cause some showers and storms. The most likely and intense this Friday will be registered in the Pyrenees and in central areas and this Saturday in Catalonia and in the eastern Iberian system.

Temperatures will rise significantly this Friday, from 6 to 9 degrees Celsius in the interior areas of the peninsula and will remain stable for the rest of the weekend.

Specifically, the AEMET spokesman, Rubén del Campo, has indicated that the typical values ​​for the time will be reached, with maximums of more than 25 degrees Celsius (ºC) in large areas of the center, east and south of the peninsula and in the south from Galicia.

Regarding Sunday, it indicates that there will be a rebound in the south and in cities such as Huelva, Córdoba, Murcia they will be around 30ºC, while in Seville they may reach 31 or 32ºC, the same as in some areas of the province of Malaga.

This Friday the light winds from the northeast will predominate and will be somewhat more intense on the coasts of Galicia and in the Mediterranean area, although the rest of the weekend will subside and will tend to be weak and variable during the rest of the weekend.

As for the Canary Islands, some cloudy intervals are expected in the north of the islands and temperatures will not experience significant changes, although they will rise slightly on Saturday. The trade wind regime will prevail in the archipelago.

As for next week, the spokesman expects it to begin with a new destabilization of the atmosphere in the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands, which during the first days of the week will give rise to widespread rainfall that will be more abundant in the eastern half of the peninsula, which will gradually They will move towards the Mediterranean area.

Del Campo points out that, especially at the beginning of the week, these precipitations may be abundant and even locally strong in the eastern third and that they may be accompanied by a storm.

Daytime temperatures will drop at the beginning of the period in a general way and they will do so more markedly in areas where rainfall occurs. The winds will blow from the north.

In this way, it specifies that on Monday the thermometers will be 4 to 8 degrees Celsius lower than on Sunday and that on Tuesday they will drop again, especially in the east. “As a whole, these first days of next week will be cold for the time, especially in areas of the center and east of the Peninsula, where the thermometers will remain between five and ten degrees below the usual in the central hours of the day. », he commented.

As of Wednesday, a slow but progressive improvement is expected and the atmosphere will tend to stabilize again, although it is likely that cloudy skies and precipitation will continue in the north, in the eastern half and in the Balearic Islands. On Thursday and Friday it will continue to rain in the Cantabrian area, the Pyrenees and the north of the Mediterranean area.

Looking ahead to the end of the week, some stabilization is expected and the dry and sunny weather will recover, although in the extreme north of the Peninsula and in the Mediterranean area rainfall will continue to be likely. Temperatures will rise again from Wednesday and will stabilize towards the end of the week and as for the wind, he expects that the one coming from the north will continue to predominate during the rest of the week.

Regarding the Canary Islands, next week will continue with the usual regime of trade winds which will lead to cloudy skies in the north of the islands. As of Monday, no precipitation is expected, but as of Tuesday it may rain in the most prominent areas. The temperatures in the archipelago will change little on Monday but will drop appreciably on Tuesday and will remain that way on the rest of the days.

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