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Weather in Extremadura: The Evelyn storm leaves the first rains in the region and the yellow alert is activated until tomorrow

Radar of the State Meteorological Agency. / AEMET

Up to 40 liters per square meter are expected in 12 hours in the north of Cáceres

Ruben Bonilla

The storm located to the west of the Peninsula is already leaving the first rains in the region and will affect Extremadura until Wednesday. It is expected that the new storm, named Evelyn by the Portuguese meteorological service, will condition the weather during these days throughout Spain and leave abundant rainfall in many points.

The first showers have started around 10:00 in the west and will affect Extremadura until Wednesday. The State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) has activated the yellow warning for rains in the north of Cáceres for 24 hours, from 12 noon on Tuesday until the same time on Wednesday, April 12. According to the Aemet, in the area affected by the yellow alert, up to 40 liters per square meter could fall in 12 hours with a probability of between 40 and 70 percent.

Until 12 in the morning, only the Aemet weather station located in the town of Valencia de Alcántara in Cáceres, belonging to the Sierra de San Pedro association, has collected water, specifically 1.6 liters per square meter. The wind will also be noticeable these two days in the region and gusts close to 70 kilometers per hour have already been registered in both Hervás (69 km/h) and Zafra (68 km/h).

forecast for monday

This Monday slightly cloudy skies are expected in the early hours, with intervals of high clouds, progressively covering the sky from the west. At the end of the day the cloudiness will tend to withdraw, forming banks of low clouds in the north of Cáceres, the upper valley of the Guadiana and the south of Badajoz.

The probable rains or showers throughout the day will be more persistent in the western and northern third of Cáceres, where it could snow above 2000 meters in the surroundings of Gredos. Occasionally they may be accompanied by a storm.

The minimum temperatures will remain unchanged and the maximum temperatures will decrease, more significantly in the western half. Extremadura yesterday reached 27.4 degrees at the Badajoz airport station and will not exceed 21 degrees.

Forecast for the seas

Already on Tuesday, the morning banks of low clouds that may be more persistent and accompanied by fog in the valleys of the Tagus and the Guadiana. The skies will be covered with evolution clouds in the afternoon.

The Aemet also points out that the rainfall expected in the morning in the north of Cáceres could leave snow from 1,800-2,000 meters.

The rains are generalized to the rest of the areas in the form of a shower in the afternoon, with the possibility of storms in many parts of the region.

Temperatures will continue to decline, slightly in the minimum and higher in the maximum since they will not exceed 18 degrees.

As of Wednesday, everything points to the storm beginning to weaken as it moves east. Early morning rains are still expected but the showers will disappear in the afternoon. This day the region will reach 20 degrees again.

The Aemet forecast is that there will be no more rain throughout the week in Extremadura.

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