Wednesday, September 28

Weather in Extremadura: Wind and storms cause various damages in different locations in the region

In Navalmoral they have knocked down billboards and the windows of a paddle tennis court; in Cáceres fallen trees have been recorded and all the parks have been closed; and in Villalba de los Barros the strong gusts have torn off the roof of an industrial warehouse

The strong gusts of wind and the storms that have been recorded throughout this Wednesday have caused various damages in different locations in the region. Fallen trees, collapsed fences, ripped roofs… are just some of the damage that has been accounted for.

In Navalmoral de la Mata, the brief but intense storm that fell on Wednesday afternoon, accompanied by strong gusts of wind, has caused damage in several areas of the town, mainly the fall of branches, in some cases on vehicles parked on the road .

But the wind has also raised structures in the Campo Arañuelo industrial estate, such as the billboard of a company or the roof of a warehouse. It has even knocked down the windows in the back of one of the paddle tennis courts at the Navalmoral Tennis and Paddle Club facilities.

In fact, Navalmoral de la Mata, with 92 kilometers per hour, has registered the strongest gust of wind at the national level. Jerez de los Caballeros also appears in this ranking, with 78 kilometers per hour, Cáceres, with 76 kilometers per hour, Olivenza, with 71 kilometers per hour, and Villanueva del Fresno, with 70 kilometers per hour.

The extreme heat experienced these days has also generated a stormy and suffocating environment this afternoon in Cáceres, with overcast skies and high temperatures. In the capital of Cáceres, a gale has knocked down a tree in the Residencial Gredos, in addition to throwing pots and furniture from the terraces in other parts of the Mejostilla neighborhood. The Local Police have had to go to the area after receiving 12 calls from neighbors. The checkpoint of the concessionary company for parks and gardens, Talher, has gone to the area, where it has carried out three actions.

The Cáceres City Council had not decided to close the perimeter parks such as El Rodeo, El Príncipe, Padre Pacífico, Paseo Alto or Maltravieso, but after the events they have been closed preventively.

In the province of Badajoz the strong wind has also left its mark. The gusts of wind have lifted the sheet metal roof of an industrial warehouse in Villalba de los Barros and it has fallen on a street, covering it entirely.

Image of the raised roof in Villalba de los Barros. /


Luckily, at that time there were no neighbors in the area.

As eyewitnesses pointed out to TODAY, a very strong gust of wind has risen that, when entering an industrial warehouse, has ripped off the roof and finally has fallen on the next street, without reaching the ground.

Another of the company’s plates has moved a few meters and has fallen on a house that was on the parallel street, remaining in the air on one side and attached to a roof on the other.

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