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Web Família will not work until 5 days after the start of the course

As noted, the temporary closure is due to an update that is carried out on the occasion of the new year but it is, precisely because these dates are so important, that it is so necessary for families to be able to consult which group a schoolchild belongs to, as well as the first instructions given by the center to resume classes.

The ampa fully reproached that this situation occurs on these dates, when the educational community rests throughout the month of August. Ruben Pacheco, President of the Ampa Confederation Gonzalo Anaya, considers that this supposes a “tremendous lack of foresight and terrible lack of respect for the current situation and the effort made by the entire educational community.”

And it is that, before another school year marked – at least in its beginning – by the covid, the ampas remember the importance of telematic channels working to receive communications from educational centers. «It is not possible that nobody has had the foresight that the course begins now and that Web Família is essential, it is absolutely inconceivable and nonsense, the maintenance could have been done in July or until the last week of August. The course begins and Web Família is essential because we receive schedules, the groups to which the children belong, what books or materials are needed, communications from the tutors, if there are staggered entries … “, recalls Pacheco. «It is a huge lack of foresight that should have consequences, it is an absolutely necessary service, it is a moment in which it does not touch, “adds the president of the confederation.

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In addition, it highlights the efforts made in the last two courses for families to get used to this means of communication, since they cannot access the centers as before the pandemic. “Now that we all had assumed that this is the means of communication, it does not work, when the centers also always make an effort so that everything is on time.” “Is a terrible disrespect to the entire educational community, “he adds.

Load the information of the new course

For its part, the Ministry of Education recalls that it is the General Directorate of Information Technology and Communication (ICT) the one that manages all the ICT platforms and tools of the Consell and ensures that Web Família “always closes around these dates”. The reason, as detailed, is so that the centers “finish loading all the information about the new course during this first week: groups, schedules, tutors …”.

Likewise, the same sources add that families have at their disposal all the information about the start of the course (schedules, textbooks, dining room …) on the centers’ website.

For their part, the Treasury explains that the website “has been expressly closed” to “not give incorrect information” and until schools and institutes “update all the data for the new course.”

However, from Gonzalo Anaya they point out that “any answer that is not to say that it will be fixed as quickly as possible is unacceptable and to drain the package”, they also point out that all centers have an address, “But not all a website in conditions”; and they remember that data protection no longer allows posting lists publicly. Likewise, they point out that with the covid it is not advisable to approach the centers to ask questions, and they do not see good “riddling” the centers with calls either.

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The one that is working without problems is the space, which Education was already launched last year to remember the measures that must be respected for a safe return to school, despite the pandemic.

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