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Websites to find ghost towns

All those who like hiking, have ever come across an abandoned house or place and have surely taken a look. These types of places are very attractive, because it is like entering the past to see how they lived and what things they had in those times. Well, you will be able to do the same thing from your home with the websites of abandoned towns that we are going to show you.

There are many people who like to look for treasures, who are attracted to enter abandoned places to see how they lived and try to find something interesting among so much rubble. It’s exciting to think that someone lived there some time ago.

The problem is that many of us cannot go to these places in person and therefore we are missing out on all that excitement. That is because many of these places are very far away, because our work does not leave us time for it or we simply do not know where to look for them.

Well, we want to mitigate this disappointment, offering you the possibility of virtually visiting abandoned places with a lot of charm and that will surely move you.

Abandoned Places

Abandoned Places is a website that takes active for many years and that during this time he has been collecting a lot really cool places.

We will have a good number of possibilities, each one more interesting, especially if this type of material is something that you are passionate about.

Despite being a website with many years behind it, the truth is that it is not excessively intuitive, although once you discover the main navigation wheel, everything makes another sense.

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It is a website that was designed to look like a mechanical contraption, hence how strange it works. Can you do click on different gears inside the central wheel to find out about a new building.

On this website we will have at our disposal different sites in the world. Each post includes historical information and photos of those locations most of the time.

There is a part called The Graffiti Place where a description of the size of the ghost town is included. The photographs documenting it are detailed and definitely worth seeing.

Urbex Playground

If what you like is to investigate, explore and discover urban areas where nobody lives anymore, at the same time knowing the history of all those areas, knowing why the current situation, then you should not miss Urbex Playground, because it will love.

Unbex Playground a website with a pretty well done designnot excessively complicated to handle, although it is not particularly attractive in terms of form, since it is somewhat simple.

Even so, it has information on places of both urban and rural exploration (Urbex and Rurex).

The objective of this website is to have a database where sites with low or high density can be used, in order to achieve a very complete documentation.

In every place you have documented this websitephotographs are shown, but the history behind those buildings is also recorded.

We also get information on how these buildings have come to be so abandoned, that is, the reasons why they now look so desolate.

Something that has seemed really curious to us is that the website itself admits that sometimes its documentation is due to involvement in break-in issues (something that we do not share).

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Even so, it is a website with a meticulous documentation workhis attention to detail and a great concern for giving the person who sees the web all the necessary information to get him to know what it is and what the situation of the place was.

Abandoned Central

Abandoned Central is another great website for touring abandoned places and many of them are desolate.

The website is really very simple, but perhaps part of its charm lies there, since it is so highly intuitive that attracts a lot and encourages you to continue using it time after time.

On this website we are going to be participants and visit old houses in the forest, maximum security prisons, abandoned museums and many more options.

The photos that come out are all high resolution, but with an addition that is worth a lot, such as videos, some even extremely longfull of additional information about the site and where there is more documentation about the exploration.

Something that we have particularly liked is that you can find truly disturbing areas and buildings with areas, utensils or landscapes that can cause more than one chill. Some of these creepy places they have things inside them that make our hair stand on end, like, for example, a funeral home where the bodies remain.


Freaktography is a website where the photographs of abandoned sites are different, original and certainly more daring that in other of the pages that we have seen.

It is a website for those people who are looking for the abandonment within the urbanthat is, urbanites who are interested in seeing other places where no one lives anymore and that still preserve parts of how the people of that place lived.

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It is a website with a considerable journey, since it was created in 2010 and in which abandoned buildings began to be photographed, to then go to ghost towns. Something interesting is that they also have an additional YouTube channel, where we can see videos of everything they take in photographs.

It is another place where they have gone beyond private property rights to take their photographs, entering abandoned places, but since they are closed and have an owner, legal entry is not exactly.

abandoned america

This is the website with best design of all that we are going to see in this list, since its interface is very careful.

Abandoned America is a website created by documentary filmmaker Matthew Christopher whose mission in recent years has been to show the world the American dream in decline, that is, to capture those abandoned places where years ago there was great activity, many people and a lot of money and that are now deserted.

The truth is that on this website the information on the location of the places that have been photographed is hidden on many occasions, since many of them are private property.

Surely this article has seemed just as curious as us. If so, tell us about it on our social networks, we will be happy to read you.

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