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Wedding bells ring in “El Gordo y La Flaca”. Tanya Charry marries producer Sebastián Jiménez

Tanya Charry and Sebastián Jiménez get married in August.

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The love story of Ask Charlie, the entertainment reporter of the Univision show, “El Gordo y La Flaca” It looks like something out of a movie. And it’s not precisely because her fiancé Sebastián Jiménez be a renowned television and film producer and Emmy winner. But because everyone who saw his marriage proposal they instantly fell in love with the couple. Now happiness smiles at them, well wedding bells ring on the television show. Tanya Charry marries Colombian producer Sebastián Jiménez.

Tanya Charry and Sebastián Jiménez They met two years ago, after “Sebas”, as his close friends tell him, had written him a private message on Instagram telling him that he wanted to meet her. He had been widowed in 2018 by his then wife. From that union was Zoe, her 10-year-old daughter. A lot of fabric has been cut since then, but more importantly, they will have a fairy tale ending. Tanya and Sebastián will get married in August.

Meanwhile, Tanya, widely recognized in the Latino entertainment world for her shocking exclusives and moments of truth where the biggest Latino Hispanic celebrities come out, was single, having ended a long relationship. But the world always turns in favor of good people and now the much loved couple will be close to ring the wedding bells.

“The truth is that Sebastian once wrote to me for Instagram, but I thought I was a follower, like several who write to me, and in the middle of my work I try to answer everyone. However, sometimes I can’t answer all the messages. On any given afternoon Armando, the husband of the Mexican singer Gloria Trevi, calls me and tells me that he has a friend to introduce me and that was Sebastián ”, says Tanya.

Thus began the love story. They met on a blind date, at Caviar Russe, the famous restaurant in Miami, to meet, and after that dinner, they did not separate again. After several months, Sebastián invites Tanya to Los Angeles and there he introduces her to Zoe, his daughter, who had lost her mother in 2018.

“I fell in love with Tanya, for her details, her intelligence, and seeing how she cared not only for me, but for my daughter. He won my heart, ”adds Sebastián.

Then came the pandemic and, unplanned, Tanya was in Los Angeles when the lockdown was ordered. So they tried living together 24/7 as a family and, just on the day they were celebrating a year of dating, spending the summer at their home in Miami, Sebastián, he proposed to Tanya. It was not just any request.

As a good producer, Sebastián, got in touch with Mariela Cardona, the vice president and producer of “The fat and the skinny”, Y He told her that he wanted to propose to her live during the show, the most watched on Hispanic television in the United States.

“I was shocked when I saw Sebas in front of me, while doing one of my live reports. He came up to me on camera, knelt down, and pulled out the ring, wondering if I wanted to marry him. That exciting moment came out on social media and national television and went viral, ”said Tanya.

The couple have had incredible moments since then, planning the wedding. Although they thought they had to be patient due to the difficulty of holding massive celebrations for the pandemic, finally this August 7 they will celebrate the wedding by the catholic church with 150 guests at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, in Miami.

The bride and groom’s parents, who live in England and Colombia, are already packing suitcases, as well as family and friends from around the world, including television celebrities.

“Having the opportunity to bring my mommy, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, to Miami for this important moment in my life is a blessing,” says Tanya.

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