Tuesday, February 7

Week 11 Need to Know: Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet

After that 25-0 beating thrown by the Patriots into the guts of the Falcons, I have to rant and rant. It really is a tale of two cities (yes, we understand that New England is not technically a city). Atlanta is reeling right now; they are skydiving without a parachute. Meanwhile, the Patriots can’t go wrong and apparently won the rookie quarterback raffle this year with Mac Jones running a consistent offense every week.

Let’s start with the ravings for what you need to know this week!

1. Hawks, where do we go now?

The great Axl Rose of the band Guns N ‘Roses asked hauntingly, “Where are we going?” in the breakdown of the song “My sweet child. “Well lately I’m scared for the Falcons. The team is 4-6, but those four wins were against the Giants, Jets, Dolphins and Saints, not exactly. Killer row. In their last two games, the Falcons have been beaten 68-3 combined against the Cowboys and Patriots, respectively. While Atlanta is still within reach of a playoff spot, something is clearly wrong here.


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