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Weekend jobs in the United States to earn up to $ 2,500 extra per month

If you know your city well, create interesting tours and activities to earn money on your days off.

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A lots of Simple weekend jobs can bring in up to $ 2,500 more each month. Working as a tour guide, pet sitter, and surveyor, among others, can help achieve this goal.

Jen Glantz from Insider, provided some ideas for taking advantage of days off to generate extra resources. Some of the recommendations They don’t even require getting up from the sofa or table, so it is possible to carry out one or two activities simultaneously.

1. Tour guide

If you are passionate about where you live, you are a good speaker or storyteller, and you know local history and monuments, this can be your activity.

Tourists and city dwellers are always looking for fun activities. You can create tours on all kinds of transportation, from walks, electric bikes to buses. Here the important thing is creativity and creating walks with real points of interest to know and original activities to develop.

Set a price and post it on Airbnb Experiences, Tripadvisor and similar sites. It is recommended to charge $ 50 per person and provide the service to 12 or 13 people per week you will be able to reach your monthly goal. If you consider that it is necessary to give a cheaper price, increase the number of clients.

2. Answer surveys

There are survey sites like Survey Junkie O SwagBucks who pay to answer questionnaires, provide feedback and share information.

You can get on average between $ 10 and $ 50 per survey. If you can find 12-20 high paying surveys each weekend, you can earn $ 2,500 from the comfort of your home.

3. Pet or house sitter

Earn money taking care of pets or staying at taking care of a house. If you are not very good at social relations, this job will come in handy for you.

a Pet care in New York you can earn around $ 2,600 per month, and a house keeper you can earn up to $ 4,000 per month.

4. Rent your goods

Renting your backyard, a bicycle, your parking lot, or golf clubs can all generate income.

Make a list of items or spaces that you can rent and then consult Peerspace to rent your house for events; Neighbor to provide a space for storage; and FriendWithA to rent things you no longer use.

Rent the garden for an event for $ 500 pesos, you can generate $ 2,500 per month or more.

5. Offer your services at weddings

Many people left their wedding pending due to the pandemic and as health protocols are lifted they are resuming their plans, so they need staff for photography activities, waiters, entertainers, DJs, floral design or party planning, among others.

Publish your services on sites like The Knot, GigSalad O Thumbtack. If you charge $ 850 as a DJ, you would only have to work three weddings a month to receive a little over $ 2,500.

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