Monday, October 25

weekend with highs of 37 degrees

The weather will invite this weekend to enjoy walks, streets, squares, beaches and the mountain

The weather will invite this weekend to enjoy walks, streets, squares, beaches and the mountain
Alex Dominguez

The entrance of a bag of Sahara air and the western situation they are going to cause the province of Alicante Enjoy of first steamy weekend of the year, more than a month before summer arrives. The State Meteorological Agency predicts maximums that will exceed 30 degrees. Sunday will be the hottest day with records that can even reach the 37 degrees in inland locations like Orihuela. Two days of beach in the second weekend no longer perimeter closure which has encouraged hotel occupancy a bit and will invite you to enjoy the terraces, which is needed after more than a year of hardship and without us having yet defeated the pandemic. The Aemet has decreed the yellow alert for heat on Sunday.

After a few cloudy days and with pleasant temperatures in much of the country, a hot weekend is presented with maxims that will remind us of the values ​​that occur in summer in territories of the south and east of the Peninsula, according to José Antonio Maldonado, director of meteorology of Meteored.

This rise in temperatures will be preceded by a still spring time during the days of today and tomorrow, with showers in the northern half of the Peninsula and some areas of the Canary Islands, in front of the large clearings in the south. Then the rebound will come. Although no records will be recorded like just a year ago, when we lived the hottest May of the 21st century, in the south of the Peninsula Maximum values ​​are expected that will widely exceed the average values ​​of this time. At some points they will be up to 10ºC higher than normal.

This rise in temperatures will be caused by the outbreak of warm winds from the west over the next few days, caused by the anticyclone located in the Azores and the high pressures that will penetrate in the peninsular territory in the form of a wedge.

The Saturday, which coincides with the day of San Isidro, Galicia, the Cantabrian regions, Navarra, La Rioja and in the northwest of Castilla y León they will be affected by some rains. The rest of the Peninsula will have the clearest skies. The most striking thing about this day will be the general increase in temperatures, which could exceed 30º C in Jaén, Córdoba, Granada, Alicante, Murcia, Valencia and Seville.

On the other hand, the Meteorology Statal Agency has launched a new pioneer monitoring system in Spain for monitoring, early warning and evaluation of meteorological droughts in real time. The freely accessible monitor provides updated information on the severity of the meteorological drought on a national scale through an indicator based on climate and satellite information adapted to the variety of potential impacts expected in different systems; all with the ultimate goal of better preparation and early warning of the risk of meteorological drought in Spain.

This new climate service is included within the strategic requirements of the National Climate Change Adaptation Plan, since the technological products developed have direct implications in the field of hydrometeorology and more specifically, in the administration of water resources, natural areas and the management of the risk of meteorological drought in key economic sectors of our country.

The new service has been developed within the project “Development of sectoral drought indices: improvement of monitoring and early warning of droughts in Spain- DESEMON” associated with the call of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of R&D Projects + i “RESEARCH CHALLENGES” in which Aemet has participated in coordination with the CSIC and the University of Zaragoza. This project has made a decisive contribution to the scientific study of meteorological drought in Spain and has developed tools to improve the management of the risk of meteorological drought in a context of adaptation to climate change.

Meteorological drought is one of the most complex and damaging climate risks. In Spain, the economic losses associated with these types of events already exceed those caused by floods and in Europe they are estimated at 6.2 billion euros a year. In an environment of climate change Like the one we are experiencing in recent years, we have witnessed a worsening of the magnitude and duration of meteorological droughts in much of Europe and climate projections predict an increase in their severity throughout this century. That is why tools that help planning and sustainable management of resources are key services.

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