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Weight Loss Diets | So you can lose weight while you work

Weight Loss Diets |  So you can lose weight while you work

Weight Loss Diets | So you can lose weight while you work

To lose weight we all know the formula: healthy and balanced diet and an active lifestyle that includes physical exercise. But everything has a but: we spend eight hours or more sitting in a chair during the workday.

The sedentary lifestyle It is one of the main causes of overweight in Western society. In fact, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), sedentary lifestyle is among the four higher risk factors for death.

If we look closer, Spain is the fourth country in Europe with the highest population rate than does not practice physical exercise, according to the European Heart Network. And it is that in addition to work, leisure activities, such as watch TV or tablet, they also imply a passive state.

The sedentary lifestyle can cause, not only overweight or obesity; Also, heart problems, back pain, vision problems, diabetes …

How can I lose weight while working?

Increase your NEAT

Speeding up your metabolism helps you burn calories and therefore lose weight. Do sport is a great way to achieve this, but also by increasing the metabolismo basal, that is, consuming calories when we are at rest.

Through the NEAT (Non-Exercice Activity Thermogenesis) we can increase basal metabolism. Although it sounds very technical, it refers to those daily activities that we do and that affect the amount of calories we burn. Climbing stairs instead of taking the elevator or replacing the subway u / bus with the bike the by walk fast are activities that help increase NEAT, and therefore to burn calories.

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Work standing

The nutritionist Miquel Gironès, one of the most popular on social networks that accumulates thousands of followers on social networks, ensures that when you stand for several hours (either working or for any other circumstance), your metabolism kicks in. Your body is working harder and that’s why it’s easier for you to lose fat. Try doing it for a few hours.

Pick up your computer or phone if you are in the office and working several hours on your feet. That will keep your body working even if you do not leave the environment of your work life. You will also be getting tired and that will make you sleep better at night. And it is to rest seven or eight hours in a row and of quality a day it is essential to lose weight.

Smart wristbands

Thanks to the so-called smart bracelets (and also with a simple mobile phone) you can get the device to warn you every hour and “force” you to move. Taking 100 steps at least every 60 minutes avoids a sedentary lifestyle. Moving is the most important thing you can do in the day and if you manage to give 15,000 steps per day you can even lose weight or lose weight.

Eating fat burning foods

Diet plays a key role in losing weight, but you don’t need to starve yourself or eat salads all day. Some natural foods help us to be more satisfied and accelerate metabolism, so we burn fat more easily.

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What are these foods? Broccoli, eggs, lean meat, nuts, quinoa, tomato, Greek yogurt, fish with omega 3 … Also liquids such as coffee or water with lemon, are excellent natural and healthy fat burning foods.

In this sense, it is better to take a tupperware to eat at work with any of these options. In this way we avoid exceeding the calories we eat if we go to a restaurant and it helps us choose a more balanced and healthy menu.

Swap soda and alcohol for water at meals

Do you eat with sugary sodas or alcohol? If you don’t choose the “zero” range of the first ones or you choose well which alcoholic beverages you have to drink you will be adding too many calories to your diet (totally unnecessary).

That will contribute to the most important of all: to lose weight in a healthy and healthy way and not to do it in such a radical way that in a short time you gain much more weight than you have lost. It is what is known as the dreaded “rebound effect”.

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