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Wes Anderson and the horror of the ‘Halloween’ saga hit theaters

Wes Anderson and the horror of the ‘Halloween’ saga hit theaters.

Love letter from Wes Anderson to journalism, ‘The French Chronicle’ and the new installment of the classic horror saga ‘Halloween’, with Jamie Lee Curtis at the helm, head the billboard of movie premieres this weekend.

‘Quien lo imide’ by Jonás Trueba, awarded at the San Sebastián festival, and animation films for the whole family such as ‘Ron makes a mistake’ and ‘Save the tree’ also reaches the theaters.

Star Parade in Wes Anderson’s ‘French Chronicle’

Bill Murray, Benicio del Toro, Frances McDormand, Timothée Chalamet, Tilda Swinton, Adrien Brody and Léa Seydoux are some of the stars who star in one of the most anticipated releases of the fall, “The French Chronicle” by Wes Anderson.

With his usually meticulous staging, Anderson sets this film in an American newspaper office in a fictional 20th-century French city, with three interconnected stories.

The invincible Mike Myers strikes again in ‘Halloween Kiolls’

After relaunching one of the most mythical horror sagas with ‘Halloween’ (2018), a direct sequel to John Carpenter’s original ‘Halloween’ (1978), Jamie Lee Curtis now presents ‘Halloween Kills’, the second part of a directed trilogy by David Gordon Green that will close next year ‘Halloween Ends’.

‘Halloween Kills’ is set minutes after the end of the previous film. Laurie Strode, her daughter Karen and her granddaughter Allyson have left Michael Myers caged in a burning house, but he manages to escape and return to sow terror in the town of Haddonfield.

‘Ron gives error’, an animated robot that goes on its own

Set in a world where robots have become the best friends of children, ‘Ron makes a mistake’ tells the story of Barney, an 11-year-old boy with social problems who discovers that his robot friend does not work at all because he has been damaged in transit for delivery.

This animated production for the little ones comes from the UK, directed by Alessandro Carloni and Jean Philippe Vine, on the 20th Century Fox label to show that true friendship can sometimes be ‘wonderful chaos’.

‘Who prevents it’, the look at the adolescence of Jonás Trueba

Between the documentary, the fiction and the pure testimonial record, ‘Quien lo imide’ is a film by Jonás Trueba shot over five years with a group of adolescents, people born in the early 21st century who have just come of age .

The director appeals to the viewer to transform the perception of adolescence and youth, showing the best of themselves from fragility and emotion, with humor, intelligence and ideas.

Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci, a love story on the road

The British Harry McQueen directs Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci in this love story that tells the journey in a motorhome of a couple at a time when their lives are beginning to take an inevitable turn due to the premature dementia that one of them suffers from .

Throughout that trip they meet friends and family and find that the love they have professed for 20 years is still alive but they also discover that some secrets were kept.

‘Among roses’, a story of intergenerational learning

French actress Catherine Frot plays Eve, a flower grower specialized in rose cultivation who lives low hours and who to avoid bankruptcy finds herself with the help of three people in a social reintegration program.

Directed by Pierre Pinaud, the film appeals to the good feelings of the viewer with the unexpected friendship that arises between this woman accustomed to isolation and one of the boys she hires and who has a special gift.

‘Save the tree’: fellowship, solidarity and the environment

This animated feature film directed by Iker Álvarez and Haizea Pastor is a family film that aims to promote values ​​such as companionship, solidarity and defense of the environment.

Co-production between Mexico, Brazil and Spain, it confronts two opposite and parallel worlds, that of the goblins, a colorful and fun park, full of plants and trees, and the city, a gray and polluted space. The mayor has a plan for the park of the goblins: to turn it into a state-of-the-art technology park.

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