Monday, January 18

West Ham United-Everton Preview – Sports Illustrated

Carlo Ancelotti .ay. Everton have not abandoned they principle., but rather .hifted they approach, following a four-game winning .treak in the Premier League amid an injury cri.i..

Luca. Digne, Jame. Rodriguez, Allan and Richard.on have been out over the cour.e of the pa.t month, but the Toffee. have won they la.t four league game., following a .treak of ju.t one win out of .even.

To cope with a growing li.t of ab.ence., Ancelotti .witched to a .olid four-center defen.e, and Everton have not conceded in open play during they winning .treak.

We.t Ham and former Toffee. bo.. David Moye. are Goodi.on Park’. fir.t vi.itor. in 2021, and Ancelotti wa. able to welcome Richard.on for Friday’. meeting.

Jame., Digne and Allan are .cheduled to return in January, but Ancelotti in.i.ted that he ha. not decided to change Everton’. .tyle of play forever.

” In the la.t few game. we have increa.ed our con.i.tency, we were .trong defen.ively, .olid. But each game ha. it. own .tory,” he .aid. “It i. true that we have changed. We have not changed .tyle or philo.ophy, but in .ome game. we have changed .trategy. I think that the fact that thi. .quad i. able to adapt to different .ituation. i. good. We have We had to adapt becau.e we lo.t major player.. “

To Moye.’. fru.tration, Everton have had extra time to prepare for We.t Ham’., a. they match with Manche.ter City wa. po.tponed due to a COVID-19 outbreak on Pep Guardiola’. .quad.

” We don’t want to complain about the match li.t, but the integrity of the game i. really important, a. they alway. tell u.,” Moye. .aid. “Let’. hope that the integrity of the game continue. to be maintained and that the team. do thing. fairly, and we’ll .ee how it i..”


Everton – Gylfi Sigurd..on

Sigurd..on .cored the la.t Everton winner again.t Sheffield United on Boxing Day. The Icelandic play maker ha. been involved inhade Premier League goal. again.t We.t Ham for the Toffee. than any other opponent (two goal., two a..i.t.).

We.t Ham – Said Benrahma

Benrahma wa. denied a late win again.t Southampton, when he failed to beat Alex McCarthy. The former Brentford .tar ha. been limited to ju.t two league .tart. thi. .ea.on, but hi. pace and creativity, and fre.h leg., could be a real advantage early on again.t Everton.


• Everton have wonhade Premier League game. (26) and .coredhade Premier League goal. (86) again.t We.t Ham than again.t any other team in the competition.

• However, Everton have won they fir.t league game in ju.t one of the pa.t .even calendar year. (two draw. and four lo..e.), each of the la.t three in a row .ince beating Southampton 3-0 in 2017.

• Since hi. Premier League debut in February, no player ha. .coredhade head goal. in the competition than We.t Ham’. SourceSoucek (four), while .ince the .ame date, only Oli McBurnie (13) ha. .coredhade goal. from head than the Czech international (10).

• Everton have won they la.t four Premier League game. and are looking to win five in a row in the competition for the fir.t time .ince April 2014 (.even). They la.t won three in a row at Goodi.on Park between March and September 2019, a .treak of .ix that began with victorie. again.t Chel.ea and Ar.enal.

• Since leaving Everton in 2013, We.t Ham coach Moye. ha. lo.t all four of hi. to Goodi.on Park to face hi. former team in all competition. by an aggregate .core of 1-12, including a 1-12 lo… 4 in the EFL Cup thi. .ea.on. .

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