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What a glass of mandarin juice can do for your health this winter

What a glass of mandarin juice can do for your health this winter

Mandarin juice is a nutritional treasure to protect us from the cold winter, it is rich in vitamin C, minerals, antioxidants and fiber.

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Without a doubt health has been the most important theme of the year, that is why have a strong immune system is one of the best recommendations for prevent all kinds of diseases. The good news is that nature is our most faithful ally and puts within our reach powerful medicinal foods that shine for their benefits for increase immunity.

Especially in winter, with the decrease in ambient temperature we are more likely to acquire diseases and infections caused by several pathogens. That is why integrating the consumption of therapeutic foods is too relevant, such is the particular case of citrus fruits which are the winter queens. In a special way the nutritional power of tangerines, it is because of that consume them in fresh juice It is a staple of the season.

Tangerines are one of the winter fruits most popular and are considered the younger sisters of oranges, since many tend to confuse them because they exist certain similarities between one and the other. Although physically they may have some aspects in common, there are differences that are worth mentioning: mandarins are much sweeter, smaller, and more nutritious.

The truth is tangerines is it so packed with nutrients which are essential for the well-being of the body. They conform to a 88% water and they have a huge amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Integrate as part of the winter daily routine the consumption of a glass of fresh tangerine juice will be your best health ally, discover everything that this simple and delicious habit will do for your health.

1. Strengthens the immune system and prevents diseases

Tangerines are a extraordinary source of vitamin C, it is well known that it is one of the most essential nutrients to keep the immune system strong and healthy. He tangerine juice not only is it very hydrating, it stands out for its antibacterial properties that protect us against the attack of various Virus and bacteria. Your action anti-infectious stimulates the antibody formation, is therefore a basic in winter since it acts as a protective shield before flu, colds and viral diseases. It also has scientific references that endorse their benefits to combat and decrease symptoms of all kinds of infectious and inflammatory disease, since its powerful antioxidants are pure gold for boost immunity.

2. Improves iron absorption and combats nutritional deficiencies

A high intake of vitamin C is essential for the body to carry out a correct absorption of iron, in such a way that it is a extraordinary ally to prevent and combat all kinds of anemia and nutritional deficiency. Drinking a fresh tangerine juice in the morning is the equivalent of take an iron pill, remember that it is one of the most important minerals for the proper functioning of the body; since it is necessary for make hemoglobin, a protein of Red blood cells what carries oxygen from the lungs to different parts of the body. The body also requires iron to make hormones and connective tissue. Adequate levels of iron are associated with great qualities for cfight chronic fatigue and improve the physical and mental performance.

3. Beautiful and healthy skin

He tangerine juice is a powerful tonic that benefits skin health from the inside out, which is related to its high content of vitamin C and antioxidants. These substances that are found naturally in the fruit are excellent for kill pro-acne bacteria that would have turned into annoying pimples. Besides, the C vitamin supports the skin regeneration, and increases the collagen production that is associated with great qualities to enjoy a smooth skin, free of imperfections and fights the signs of aging.

4. Great ally to promote weight loss

While much has been said about the consumption of fruit juices and weight loss, in moderate quantities and under the framework of a balance diet; mandarin juice can be a great slimming ally. The reason is simple, it is a sweet fruit that helps control any cravings and fights the anxiety to eat. As well it is rich in fiber which it’s benefits digestion, promotes the elimination of waste, toxins, fats, salts and liquids retained in the body. In addition, the freshly made juice preserves the superb fiber levels which naturally contains tangerine and makes it take much longer be digested, and therefore it is highly satiating. Additionally, mandarins have a low calorie concentration, which means you don’t have to worry about add more calories in the daily diet. He tangerine juice Is associated with great qualities for decrease fat absorption, which not only benefits weight loss, makes it a great natural remedy to keep weight loss at bay. high levels of cholesterol and sugar in the blood.

5. Improves cardiovascular health and fights hypertension

Tangerines gather two essential elements to protect cardiovascular health: they are very rich in potassium and very low in sodium, the perfect combination to regulate high blood pressure levels. The habitual consumption of tangerine juice especially in the morning, it is the perfect complement to protect the heart, prevent heart disease and control hypertension.

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