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What aid programs could be extended if a new economic stimulus package is approved

Although the coin is in the air above the new bill of stimulus, Congress still has time to discuss the initiative and decide if it is approved or not.

Democratic and Republican lawmakers continue negotiations on the $ 900 billion stimulus package, higher than the $ 748 billion announced Monday.

So lawmakers are expected to pass the second stimulus check before the holiday break.

And it is that if this new package is not approved, several programs that benefited from the Law of Help, Relief and Economic Security for Coronavirus (CARES, for its acronym in English).

The coronavirus pandemic It has affected the economic activity of the country, which has been reflected in the pocket of the workers.

And with the increase in cases and hospitalizations, the outlook for the labor sector has become more vulnerable.

In the recent report of the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS, for its acronym in English), reported an increase in applications for unemployment assistance.

The figure reached 885,000, in the week ending December 12.

According to a publication of Cnet site, highlights that if the stimulus bill progresses, 5 programs that are at risk of disappearing on December 31st would benefit.

The decision is in the hands of the Congress, but if the stimulus package is approved, some programs may be extended.

Even President-elect Joe Biden welcomes the stimulus package.

“The stimulus package has happened. They seem very, very close. And it seems there will be direct cash payments, “Biden told the media.

“But it is a down payment, a significant down payment, of what will have to be done at the end of January and in February. But it is very important to do it, “he said. Biden in the event that Congress gives the green light to the project.

The benefits that are about to expire and that could be extended with the approval of the stimulus law are:

The weekly unemployment check bonus of $ 300

It’s one of the programs that is waiting for Congress to green-light the package, and it would be extended for another 16 weeks.

Although it is approved, there is no date for the states to send them.

More weeks of unemployment insurance

Although states determine which people are eligible to receive the benefit, as well as how much they receive and for how long, the CARES Act extended the period from 26 to 39 weeks.

But that benefit expires on January 31 if the new stimulus package is not approved, putting millions of workers at risk.

PUA program

This program could benefit if the new aid project is approved, otherwise it will end on December 31.

Within the CARES law, the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program was launched, aimed at those workers who regularly do not qualify for unemployment assistance.

The PUA included freelancers, contractors and concert workers.

Tenants and landlords

Similarly, due to the pandemic, benefits were also provided to avoid the eviction of tenants, who saw their debt to landlords grow due to non-payment.

The expiration date of the benefit expires on December 31, but could be extended if the new stimulus package is approved.

Defer student loans

Students are also concerned about their education loan debt, although the Cares Act helped defer loan payments without interest accruing.

If the new aid package is approved, it would give a break to the student community, since the postponement would extend until April 2021.

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