Sunday, June 4

What are “anti-5G” pendants and what are the health hazards?

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Image source, RIVM


“Quantum anti-5G” pendants like this are sold over the internet.

Although it does not exist evidence scientific that says that 5G technology is harmful to health, on the internet products are sold that offer “protection” against it. Paradoxically, these products are “radioactive” and can put the health of those who use them at risk.

This is the conclusion of the Netherlands Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection (ANVS), which has just issued a warning on a dozen products that “contain radioactive substances and continuously emit ionizing radiation“.

From pendants to sleep masks, charms and bracelets, some “anti-radiation” and “anti-5G” jewelry and accessories sold online can be detrimental to long-term use, scientists say.

“Ionizing radiation can damage tissues and DNA. The amount of radiation measured in the examined products is low. However, in the case of prolonged and continuous use, it can exceed the legal limit of exposure of the skin to radiation “.

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