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What are baricitinib and sotrovimab, the new drugs authorized by the WHO to treat cases of covid-19

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Baricitinib is used to treat arthritis in several countries around the world.

The World Health Organization authorized the use of the drugs baricitinib and sotrovimab for the treatment of covid-19.

According to the information provided by the WHO, the endorsement of the use of these drugs was given after several evaluations made mainly by international experts working in a Guideline Development Group of the health agency and whose results were published in the British Medical Journal.

The baricitinib is an anti-inflammatory used especially in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, while Sotromivab is a drug newThe which has been tested to treat patients at risk of developing moderate to severe covid-19 and is in use in the United Kingdom, among other countries.

In the research published by the WHO working group, the use of baricitinib is recommended in severe patients, since it increases the probability of surviving the complications that the coronavirus can cause, in addition to reducing the need for mechanical ventilation.

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