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What are KVM devices

The choice of a specific solution depends solely on the situation and requirements. In fact, even at home, the need to have multiple computers running is not uncommon.

In almost all languages, the abbreviation KVM is translated in the same way and means “keyboard, video, mouse”, respectively, it denotes a whole category of devices and modules that allow you to manipulate such devices. More precisely, to manipulate your connections and switching, which is why the phrase KVM switch is most often found.

In fact, the main task of any of these devices is to change the connections between the above peripheral devices and the computers that are serviced with their help. They are most often used by employees of IT departments: it is convenient to manage an entire fleet of network equipment and servers from a workplace, for example.

But in the home environment, they are not uncommon, since it is convenient to connect several computers to one set of input / output devices. In an office environment, using standard cables to connect multiple computers (usually servers) to a monitor and a half input is very convenient for an IT administrator if they only have one or two dedicated servers at their disposal.

When their number is much larger, such a scheme does not work – more complex smart multiport devices are used, including those that allow cascading. Thus, with the help of a control computer, a complete control network is organized, which often consists of very complex distributed structures.

What are KVM devices and how do they make it easier to manage your IT infrastructure?

A typical example of such complex management can be any hosting structure that provides space to place customer equipment, a typical data center (DPC), or a distributed network to manage production equipment.

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In general, from simple to complex, and the choice of a specific solution depends solely on the situation and requirements. In fact, even at home, the need to have several computers running is not uncommon as we have said: for example, one prints a complex model on a 3D printer, the second cuts out details on a home CNC milling and engraving machine, the third makes a complex model of three.

How they make managing your IT infrastructure easier kvm

For such situations, you can get by with software solutions: remote access tools like AnyDesk or TeamViewer (even Windows RDP), at minimal financial cost, can solve the problem of remotely controlling, monitoring, and managing a PC; but only partially, provided that the limitations of the software solution do not become an obstacle: the software and the operating system itself work, you do not need to restart the PC and enter Settings / BIOS, sufficient speed and correct display of content.

Is it generally allowed to install additional software?

In such situations, no software solution will work, hardware solutions are required. For example, for controlling older (or industrial) computers, the inexpensive D-Link DKVM-4K 4-Port with 2-Wire (DKVM-4K) 4-Port is perfect. This switch is optimized for use with a VGA monitor and keyboard/mouse connection via PS/2 interfaces. And this is normal: it is precisely the “old” interfaces that are often used with “machines”.

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