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What are the 8 richest cheeses in the United States

What are the 8 richest cheeses in the United States

The United States is considered one of the main cheese producers in the world.

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The cheese It’s one of the most famous and enjoyable foods on the planet, not only delicious, significantly nutritious and accessible, is a product that hides a great history and legacy. Many years ago cheese emerged as a way to better preserve milk (before the invention of the refrigerator). The rest is history, since little by little the cheese making technique he went back from The most popular in different cultures and according to region of origin delicious and unique variants were created.

The truth is that cheese is a product of such legacy and tradition, that its production is considered an art to world level. That is why, for thousands of years until today, the development of artisan cheeses is considered an important activity in European countries such as France, Germany, Spain and ItalyLarge producers such as Canada, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico have also joined the list; but nevertheless United States shines for its unique and exquisite variants.

The American cheeses have been highly recognized to international level and that is why over the years they have become an important part of the industry, to such an extent that we currently have on hand a wide variety of cheeses from great quality for all occasions and tastes. We invite you to learn more about the most famous, exquisite and unmissable cheeses what United States, produces for the world.

America’s 8 Most Famous Cheeses:

1. Monterrey Jack cheese

There is no doubt that Monterrey Jack has to be the first on the list, as it is considered one of the first creations exclusively from the United States. It was invented in the year 1882 by David Jacks, owner of a dairy and a well-known businessman from Monterrey, California. It is characterized by its yellow color and its great ability to melt, it is ideal for use in soups, sauces, nachos, pizza and fondue.

2. Cream cheese

This cheese is characterized by its unique spreadable texture, which makes it the perfect ally to create all kinds of dishes from salty to sweet. The first cream cheese was created in 1872 and is originally from New York, tells the story that it was invented by a milkman named Mr. Lawrence. A few years later, to be exact andn the year 1880, began to be distributed in chain under the name Philadelphia and received this name for the prestige that the cheeses of this city had.

3. Pepper Jack

This cheese is a derived from Monterrey Jack and is made with the same procedure, however it is distinguished by being a very special cheese variant since it is seasoned with sweet peppers, habanero pepper, rosemary, garlic and hot jalapenos. It is a classic element in all good sandwiches and is widely used in hamburgers, soups and salads.

4. Colby Jack

This cheese is the wonderful result of the union of Monterey Jack cheese with Colby cheese, It’s about a semi-soft cheese, characterized by its peculiar white and orange color. Pairs well with cold meats, sandwiches, soups, salsas, burgers, dark breads, stews, steamed vegetables, baked potatoes and fruits like apples and pears.

5. Baby swiss

Quite contrary to what many believe, Baby Swiss cheese it is originally from United States and is distinguished by being a delicious cheese that has the peculiarity of being made with whole milk. It is characterized by going through a production process in which the water is replaced with buttermilk to decrease the bacterial action, in such a way that it has smaller holes, a very mild flavor and a creamy texture. It is perfect to use in dishes filled with cheeseas it melts to perfection.

6. Cheddar

The United States is the leading manufacturer of cheddar cheese in the world with almost 2 million tons of Cheddar produced per year, which represents five times more than England where it originates from. The truth is that the United States currently offers wonderful local variants made with unique recipes and manufacturing processes, of such quality that they represent almost the 60% of world production.

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