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What are the benefits of Ayurvedic medicine?

Ayurvedic medicine is a healing method that originated in the Indian subcontinent around the second millennium BC. As indicated Natural sanIt is a practice with very few records left, so there is much that is not known about it.

This practice has been developing since then, acquiring different versions that retain their main objective, which is to cure diseases and contribute to the health status of patients with a combination of treatments with energetic manifestations.

Benefits attributed to Ayurvedic medicine

Throughout its history, 3 main areas of action for Ayurvedic medicine or Ayurveda have been identified, areas that order the benefits that we can perceive from this practice.

Helps fight stress and anxiety

Ayurvedic medicine offers relaxation and breathing techniques that promote the flow of energy in the body, which is manifested in a much more generalized well-being and that will reduce stress and anxiety in the body.

Treat injuries and illnesses

Treatments that include Ayurvedic medicine have helped patients to reduce inflammation and other conditions. This according to a study issued by The Journal of Clinical Rheumatology and which lasted a total of 36 weeks.

This type of medicine also improves blood flow, which can help us fight the arthritis and fibromyalgia.

Promotes a rich and healthy diet

Ayurvedic medicine promotes the consumption of antioxidant teas along with vegetables, spices, and animal fats. Taken together, all of this helps the goal of having a healthy and balanced diet.

Ayurveda medicine
Ayurvedic medicine understands the human being from his own energy. Source: Shutterstock

Basic principles of Ayurvedic medicine

Ayurvedic medicine is based on three basic principles that also happen to be 3 types of energies that are manipulated by this practice. Each energy is related to an aspect of the body, which gives each a unique importance.

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In addition, each energy is specially linked to a specific type of person through its characteristics, which modifies the treatment approach that it can receive.

  • Vata energy: This energy is related to blood circulation and other essential functions within the body. This energy is very present in thin people with a sensitive digestive system.
  • Pitta energy: Pitta energy is directly related to metabolism and calorie burning. Pitta people have a medium, athletic build and tend to gain muscle mass very easily.
  • Kapha energy: this energy is closely related to the growth of the body and that of its organs and cells. It is very present in people with a great capacity to love and forgive their neighbors.

Ayurvedic medicine does have the capacity to provide us with important benefits of Health, so it is a modality that you can use to treat discomfort or conditions mild enough to be satisfactorily addressed by this practice.

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