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What are the benefits of exercising outside in winter?

Exercising outside in winter It is not a preferred alternative for many, but as it is said in Stylist, there are important benefits that we can perceive if we decide to go out and exercise while we face the low temperatures of winter.

Positive changes in our mood, strengthening muscles and bones, as well as the immune system, are some of the benefits to which we can aspire if we exercise outdoors during the winter. We will detail them below.

Increased self-esteem

Exercising outdoors during winter is a good way to boost our self-esteem thanks to the release of endorphins that occurs during physical activity, which allows us to have a more positive appreciation of ourselves.

This release of endorphins also improves our mood, which will help us fight melancholy or “depression” that can affect us during this time of year and which is related to our less exposure to sunlight.

Strengthening the immune system

Accustoming our body to cold temperatures can work to strengthen the immune system and prevent the common cold, or soften your symptoms if it has already manifested.

This strengthening of the immune system can be even more pronounced if it is complemented with a balanced diet, as well as a period of sufficiently restful sleep.

Better sleep quality

sleep deep
Exercising outside can help you sleep better at night. Source: Shutterstock

A study conducted in Finland found that exercising outdoors It enhances sleep quality thanks to the fact that it exhausts the body enough to reconcile rest more easily.

With a better quality of sleep it becomes easier recover the energy invested in the exercise, and also decrease the levels of stress that can accumulate if we do not rest properly, or if we do not rest at all.

Stabilization of the biological clock

Our biological clock is altered when we stay at home for a long time, or when our day to day gets out of hand. This has implications for our sleep pattern, job performance, as well as our physical performance.

Exercising outside is a good resource to reset our biological clock thanks to the fact that we can expose ourselves to sunlight, even if this exposure is small. This will help our body to feel active again.

This exposure to sunlight will also do good to our skin and skeletal system because sunlight is a natural source of vitamin D, which is well used by the bones and skin.

Consider the pros and cons of exercising outside in winter. In this way you can better calculate the cost-benefit ratio of this type of physical activity, which never hurts.

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