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What are the benefits of leaving hair in the armpits

Letting the hair grow in the armpits is not aesthetically pleasing for some people, being the shaving of that place an important point in the care of the body. However, according to Better with Health, having hair in the armpits offers us some benefits.

These benefits of growing hair range from prevention of certain conditions or diseases until a stabilization in the production of pheromones, which are a crucial element in the romantic attraction between people.

Reduces friction

Underarm hair is a “layer” that prevents skin-to-skin contact, so reduces irritation caused by friction. Such friction can occur, for example, when we exercise, resulting in discomfort for some people.

Not plucking underarm hair also decreases the likelihood of developing red hair, which are those that grow into the body and can cause inflammation. They can originate very painful discomfort and also infections.

Stabilization of pheromones

The armpits produce pheromones, and the hairs that grow there allow them to “catch” them more easily. These pheromones are chemicals that are naturally generated by the body and act as signalsespecially for other people.

Old armpits
Many doctors recommend not shaving the armpits when the skin is very sensitive. Source: Pexels

Pheromones act at the chemical level and fulfill different functions, and one of them involves the attraction that a person may feel towards us. This function of pheromones has been replicated with relative success through perfumes.

There is an ancient belief that associates the intensity of the smell of the armpits with a supposed exaltation of masculine virtues, a belief that is based on this same ability of pheromones to facilitate the interrelation of other people with us.

Prevention of discomfort and illness

Letting the hair grow in the armpits helps avoid rashes. You can also avoid abscesses that can be generated by a clogged pore that is exposed to chemicals or dirt.

This reality has led some specialists to suggest that their patients opt for use scissors if you want the area to be as clear as possible. Although tedious, the use of the scissors can cut hairs that could not be addressed with a normal razor.

On the other hand, do not shave or wax the hair will prevent irritation of that area that some people suffer later. This irritation can occur in the case of very sensitive skin, or a improper use of shaving cream.

Let the old it’s a personal decision and that it should not be too influenced by the people around us or what we consume in the media. After all, the body belongs to us, and we have the last word on it.

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