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What are the benefits of stopping drinking alcohol for a month

The consumption of alcoholic beverages it is frequent in social gatherings and festivities. Some are even recommended to accompany meals. However, leaving them for a month will help your body in multiple ways. However, if you are a heavy drinker, you may have some withdrawal effects. Although it is normal, it can also be annoying.

Here we share more information about the benefits of abstaining from taking them for a month.

You can lose weight and control your appetite

Although some recommend accompanying the meal with a glass of wine, if you eliminate this drink from your diet and any other that contains alcohol, you can lose weight.

Some specialists call these drinks liquid calories. In fact, its impact, even if it is drunk occasionally, is negative on the liver, since it makes it difficult for it to process fat. On the other hand, the more you drink, the more it will whet your appetite. So if you eliminate them for a month you will see that it will have a positive effect on the amount of food you eat and you will be able to lose weight naturally.

Sleep well

While alcohol has a sedative effect, some think that drinking a little can help you sleep. However, once the effect has worn off, the sympathetic nervous system reacts, causing you to wake up early or do it several times during the night. So do not drink alcohol before bed or use it as an incentive to fall asleep because it will throw off your rest.

sleep well
Stop consuming alcohol will allow your sleep to be more restful. Photo: Pexels

When eliminating alcohol you will see that your quality of sleep will improve and you will be able to rest well. By the way, the number of hours for a good night’s rest is 8 hours a day. On the other hand, the airways will clear. This way you can breathe better and the annoying snoring will disappear. What more can you ask?

The skin is purified

Although moderate drinking does not harm the health and appearance of the skin, it is true that these drinks can cause dehydration and dry it a bit. However, heavy drinking causes blood vessels to dilate and make some skin conditions worse, such as rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis.

Improve your mood

There are those who drink alcohol to feel good and uninhibited. However, once the effect has passed, negative feelings appear. On the other hand, those who are heavy drinkers may show withdrawal symptoms if they stop drinking. But by leaving it, and after all these symptoms pass, improvements will be felt on an emotional level. Irritation, depression, and anxiety can go away.

Improve your physical activity

Something that will help you combat the anxiety caused by withdrawal is physical activity. If you dedicate more time to it, you will be able to feel good, it will improve your mood and also your diet.

If you want to improve your quality of life and be healthier, then take the test: avoid alcohol consumption for a month and you will see the results.

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