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What are the best-performing Mexican food dishes for parties

There are classics of Mexican food that are perfect for celebrating birthdays, parties and events. They are tasty, yielding dishes and some of them are very easy to make. From pambazos, to pozole, depending on the type of meeting.

1. Pambazos

Veracruz pambazos are classics of children’s parties and gatherings. Cheap, very easy and quick to do.

It is like a sandwich or cake made with bread dusted with flour. The classic pambazo is filled with beans, mayonnaise, ham, chorizo, lettuce, onion and marinated chipotle chili.

2. Toast

Tostadas are a tasty, inexpensive and simple treat. You just have to have the tostadas (fried or baked corn chips), a bean casserole, the disinfected and cut lettuce, cream, avocado, shredded chicken breast and sliced ​​chili peppers or sauce.

You can also go for toast with other ingredients, like pickled tuna or pig’s trotters.

3. Golden tacos

The golden tacos are very efficient, inexpensive and easy to transport. You can make them with various fillings, the most popular are potato with chorizo ​​and chicken; although there are also seafood, vegetables or red meat. They are decorated with lettuce, cream, grated white cheese and hot sauce. You can put the ingredients on the table and have each guest prepare them to their liking.

4. Charro beans

Charro beans are ideal to accompany a roasted meat. They are a thick and tasty soup of bay beans (you can use the beans of your choice), with garlic, onion, chili, tomato and chorizo. Optionally you can also add ham, bacon and sausages. If you add a cup or two of beer to the charro bean pot you will have drunk beans. Serve in bowls and add jalapeño to taste.

5. Stew tacos

Tacos are an option to offer variety at your parties. You can set up a buffet with casseroles of at least three different stews for each guest to prepare or choose their tacos. Also, beans, rice and sauces should not be missing on the table.

Among the most popular stews are potatoes with chorizo, chicken fajitas with cream, steak fajitas with nopales, cochinita pibil, machaca with egg, pork rinds in sauce, pork salpicón, nopales in green sauce.

6. Tacos al pastor

You can please your guests with the most famous tacos in Mexico, the tacos al pastor. A 15 kg top of meat will serve up to 60 people.

You have three options. The first is to hire the service of the top, the taquería or the taquero carry the top and prepare them at the moment for your guests. These services are almost complete, they include tortillas, pineapple, onion, coriander, lemon, cucumbers, different sauces and even disposable ones. You only have to worry about the drinks.

The second option is to buy the meat and accessories at the taqueria and have each guest serve himself to taste. The third option is that you prepare the meat al pastor at home.

7. Tamales

Make your party a tamaliza. You can offer a wide variety of tamales to please your guests, they are inexpensive and you can prepare them in advance. From the sweet tamales for children, dough, corn, buns, beans, rajas, mole; they can be stuffed with chicken, pork or vegetables. In cold season, accompany them with champurrado or hot chocolate.

Easy recipe for champurrado

8. Pozole

Pozole is one of the most popular dishes in Mexican cuisine and one of the classics at parties. The three most popular types of pozole are white, red, and green. It is served with lemon juice, ground piquín pepper, lettuce, sliced ​​radishes, chopped onion, ground oregano and with toast to accompany. The pozole is only prepared with pork there is also a variety of pozoles with chicken, fish and seafood, even with black beans.

Chicken pozole verde recipe

9. Mole

Mole is one of the most representative sauces of Mexican gastronomy, it stands out for its complexity and flavor. The mole is the star dish of the important festivals, even a type of mole is called “wedding mole”, other popular moles are the poblano mole, Xico mole, manchamantel. Traditionally it is served with a piece of turkey or chicken. You can choose different varieties of mole such as mole verde or mole de olla.

10. Barbecue

Share with your guests wrapped in an exquisite and soft barbecue that you can make in the oven or in a steamer. According to your budget, it can be chicken, beef, lamb or goat.

As you can see, there are different options of Mexican food for your parties or meetings. All are tasty and you can choose them according to your tastes, the practicality or preparation time of preparation and also your budget.

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