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What are the deadlines for the 2021 French tax return?

the annual income statement It generally opens in April, with deadlines in May depending on where you live. However, last year these were delayed due to the strict spring closure that saw all public offices, including the tax office, closed to the public.

This year it seems likely that it will return to the most usual deadline, but the Ministry of Finance Bercy has not yet published a confirmed calendar, unusually late to make the information public.

The French the financial press is reporting that the deadline is likely to be the same as usual, but the actual dates will be released “probably mid-April.”

It seems likely that the declarations will begin in mid-April, with the deadlines in the last weeks of May and the beginning of June depending on the department in which you live; There are normally three staggered terms for Departments numbers 1-19, then Departments 20-49, then the remaining Departments of mainland France and the French Overseas Territories.

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We will of course update our site as soon as the date is released, but in the meantime, there are things you can do to prepare.


You must first find out if you need to make a statement. If France is your primary residence, it almost certainly will, even if all your income comes from abroad.

This often comes as a surprise to foreigners who, for example, live in France, but whose only income is a UK or US pension. Double tax agreements mean that you won’t have to pay taxes twice on the same income, but yes you must complete the declaration.

You may also need to file if you don’t live in France but earn money here, including money from renting a property.

Here it is a guide to who should file.


If this is your first year filing taxes in France, you must first register on the impots.gouv.fr site. You can find instructions on how to do it HERE.

Once you are registered, you will get a Tax number (tax identification number) without which you cannot make your declaration.

Gather your paperwork

Filing taxes can be complicated, so it’s worth figuring out ahead of time what you’ll need to file so that you can have everything you need ready once the returns are opened.

In addition to any income you earn in France, you must also report to the French tax collector any income from abroad, including a pension from another country, rental income if you rent a property in another country, and any income from stocks or investments in another. country. country.

More detail HERE about what you need to declare.

All foreign bank accounts must also be declared, even if they are inactive. So if you have a leftover youth savings account from when you were a child, unless you closed it, you will need to find the account number and branch code ready to add to your declaration form.


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