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What are the Mexican recipes to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in the United States most searched on Google

Cinco de Mayo is the most important Mexican holiday in the United States, commemorating the Battle of Puebla that took place in 1862. Tequila cannot be missed in the celebration and it is also the opportunity to enjoy Mexican snacks.

Mexican cuisine has a great variety of traditional dishes, some of them of pre-Hispanic origin such as pozole and others, such as chile en nogada, which are a sample of a mestizo cuisine.

Most searched recipes on Google to celebrate Cinco de Mayo

1. Tres leches cake

Three milk cake

Tres leches cake is one of the most popular cakes in Mexico. It is a sweet and fresh cake made of moist vanilla bread that has been bathed in a mixture of three milks: condensed, evaporated and whole. The cover can be the classic meringue or chantilly.

It is a popular meeting and birthday party cake. It is also usually on the dessert menu of restaurants as it happens in some Mexican restaurants in the United States and recommended by the Michelin Guide.

Comedera has a recipe for you to prepare tres leches cake.

2. Mole poblano

Foto: Cesar Huitron/Pixabay

Mole is one of the most representative dishes of Mexican gastronomy. It is a complex sauce with a variety of chili peppers, fruits, herbs, and spices. This sauce has pre-Hispanic origin, its name in Nahuatl “mulli” means sauce or stew.

The mole poblano is the best known among a huge variety of moles in Mexico. There are red, pink, black, yellow or green moles, with different flavors and textures. Even the mole poblano has variants.

The mole poblano includes chocolate and peanuts among its long list of ingredients. It is the typical dish that is enjoyed at all kinds of parties, such as weddings, birthdays and baptisms. It usually bathes a piece of turkey or chicken and is served with rice. We teach you how to make a traditional mole in the most practical and simple way, here is the recipe.

3. Birria Tacos

Birria tacos
Photo: Shutterstock

Birria is a type of barbecue typical of the state of Jalisco. Traditionally it is prepared with goat meat, but it is also usually made with lamb, beef, veal, pork with combined meat and even fish.

The meat is marinated in a sauce of dried chilies, herbs and spices, you can also add beer. Traditionally, the meat is wrapped in maguey leaves and cooked until very soft.

The word “birria” has a derogatory meaning, like a thing of regrettable appearance or of little value. The origin of the birria would have its origin in an overpopulation of goats that the Spanish gave to the natives in the Kingdom of Nueva Galicia (Jalisco). Here we tell you more about the story and teach you how to prepare a homemade beef birria in a simple way.

4. Enchiladas


Enchiladas are one of the most popular dishes in Mexican cuisine. Salsa-dipped corn tortillas that are rolled or folded. On top add cream, onion slices and sprinkle cheese. They can be prepared plain or with a filling, such as scrambled egg or shredded chicken breast.

There are many types of enchiladas with different sauces, fillings, and cheeses. There are green, red and mole enchiladas, also called enmoladas. The “enchiladas suizas” (they are actually Mexican) au gratin with Manchego cheese are the most popular.

5. Churros

Foto: Zozz_/Pixabay

Churros are of Spanish origin, but very common in Mexico. Churros are sold in street stalls as well as in fairs and in churrerías where hot chocolate is usually enjoyed,

They are made from wheat flour, water and salt, once they are fried, cinnamon and sugar are added. The churros can be plain or filled with ingredients such as chocolate, cajeta, jam or condensed milk. We teach you how to make churros step by step.

The pozole and chiles en nogada, which are the star dishes in the most important national holidays in Mexico celebrating Independence (September 15), do not seem to be among the most searched options on Google by Mexicans and Latinos to celebrate this Cinco de Mayo .

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