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What are the most demanded professions of this 2021?

It is convenient to take into account the professions with the most future in the labor market.

It is convenient to take into account the professions with the most future in the labor market.

In such a complicated year due to the crisis derived from the pandemic, the labor market has created new job needs and opportunities, obtaining a clear profile of which are the most demanded professions and with mayor employability right now. So, if you are thinking of training during the next course, considering one of these options can be a great idea, according to IMF Smart Education.

Cybersecurity Specialist

The lack of professionals cybersecurity it is a fact. In the European Union alone, it is estimated that 825,000 professionals may be required by 2025. In addition, given the situation caused by covid-19, many companies have had to carry out a hasty digital transformation to adapt to telework, which has caused it to be neglected , in part, everything related to network security: a danger that can lead to the closure of an SME if it is not managed properly.


The education It has been one of the most affected sectors during the pandemic. Schools, universities and training centers were the first to cancel face-to-face classes and, in the absence of defined protocols, teachers had to adapt their methods to digital teaching. In addition, with the consequences of covid-19, schools have divided their groups to make them more reduced and they need teachers. The autonomies have planned to hire about 30,000 more teachers, but another 40,000 are missing according to the estimates of the unions.

Digital Marketing Expert

The reputation in Social Networks it is a factor that most companies work on. “If you are not on the internet, you do not exist” is a phrase that has permeated almost all companies that seek to attract customers through this route. Almost 19 million people in Spain, 53.8%, made online purchases in the last quarter of 2020, compared to 46.9% in 2019, according to the Survey on Equipment and Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Homes, prepared by the INE .

This increase in online shopping has put on the table the need for companies to have specialists on marketing digital to ensure your success. This sector offers a world full of possibilities, with profiles of experts on SEO, SEM, Growth hacker or Social CRM, among others, in which you can also achieve an interesting remuneration.


The so serious situation, never before experienced in the Spanish health, has generated that feelings such as fear, anxiety, depression or stress have skyrocketed among the population. The months of confinement, children without being able to relate, job losses, or the loneliness that this virus has caused has made the role of the psychologists has been totally fundamental to keep the Balance. The consequences that the coronavirus has left will continue to be noticed in the coming years and the help of these professionals will be necessary.

Health personnel

The role of toilets throughout the pandemic has been admirable. These professionals have been on the front line, exposed to the virus, with the sole objective of Save lifes, and this crisis has highlighted a problem that has been claimed for years in Spain: the lack of specialists.

Studying a profession related to the health field will be a very good option for all those who have a passion for taking care of others. In addition, the unemployment rate in this profession is much lower than in the rest, so its level from employability you will be in good health for years to come.

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