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What are the only 2 ingredients your peanut butter should have?

There are many reasons to love peanut butter. Not only for its flavor but for its nutritional value and for the benefits it has for your body. Peanuts are a great source of protein, heart-healthy fats, and fiber. They provide biotin, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, niacin, vitamin B6 and vitamin E.

Peanut butter is a food that helps give you an energy boost, provides a feeling of fullness, and supports your brain. Niacin and vitamin E are two nutrients that protect against age-related cognitive decline. Including peanuts in your diet can help prevent Alzheimer’s, according to Harvard researchers.

Creamy peanut butter is the perfect addition to whole wheat toast, smoothies and can be eaten with fruit instead of a traditionally high sugar dessert. To create healthy and simple snacks with bananas or apple slices.

What is the best peanut butter?

It is important to always check the label when buying peanut butter. The Less healthy varieties often contain hydrogenated vegetable oils and added sugar. There are even some natural and organic peanut butters that include these unhealthy ingredients.

The healthiest types of peanut butter are the most natural. A nut, almond, or peanut butter, ideally should have only one ingredient, nuts or ground peanuts. No added sugars or additives.

In any case, a healthy peanut butter might include a little salt and nothing else, no additives. “I suggest to my customers that they look for brands that have nothing but peanuts and salt, plain and simple,” nutritionist Keri Gans tells Health.

No added sugars and avoid low-fat varieties

Avoid peanut butters rich in added sugars and do not opt ​​for low-fat varieties recommends dietitian Maggie Moon through Mind Body Green. Often times, food “Low fat” or “low fat” make up for the lack of flavor with sugar and additives.

Reduced-fat peanut butters often add sweeteners like corn syrup, sugar, plus soy concentrate to make up for the protein and hydrogenated vegetable oils.

Peanut butter is a healthy and beneficial food when eaten in moderation. Eating a lot of peanut butter is easy. You must take care of its consumption to avoid exceeding too much the calories you may need in a day if you want to maintain control of your weight. Two tablespoons of peanut butter equals 180 calories.

Swapping foods high in saturated fat or added sugar for nut or peanut butter is good for cardiovascular and brain health.

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