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What Biden’s $ 3.5 Trillion Economic Package Stops in Congress

President Biden negotiates with Congress his $ 3.5 trillion economic plan.

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The President’s $ 3.5 Trillion Economic Package Joe Biden faces problems of different kinds, but the main ones are two Democratic senators, Joe Manchin (West Virginia) y Kyrsten Cinema (Arizona), who refuse to back a bill of that size.

In addition to this, the package faces questions from Republicans, especially in its impact on the debt, in addition to pressure from business groups for the increase in corporate taxes.

There is also a delay due to the refusal of the parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough to integrate the path to citizenship for eight million undocumented, which has forced the Democrats to develop a new plan that will be released in the coming days.

This Tuesday, however, he stressed that in the group of members of the Chamber and the Senate only the senator should be integrated Catherine Cortez Masto (Nevada) as a representative of the group that leads the development of the immigration plan, although spokeswoman Jen Psaki affirmed that President Biden is aware of the rejection and supports pushing another plan.

Steps were proposed as part of the reconciliation process. The parliamentarian rejected that proposal. They will come back and propose new options, ”he said. “The president supports that. He would like immigration reform to become law with more humane processes. “

The president of the Judicial Committee, Dick Durbin (Illinois), Alex padilla (California), Bob Menéndez (New Jersey), Ray Luján (New Mexico) and Cortez Masto are the ones who come up with a new plan.

Looking for a number

Regarding what is described as the “main problem”, Senator Manchin acknowledged not having an exact figure that he considers viable to support the package.

“Basically (President Biden) said find a number that you are comfortable with,” said Manchin, who did not say a number but said there could be a bill soon. “I think a good reconciliation bill could be done at any time.”

Congressmen are preparing new plans, which could be revealed next week, which could take until November the approval of the bill, due to legislative processes, including a new review by the parliament.

“I think it would be great to have a framework on Monday, and I think the president would agree with that,” said Senator Jon Tester (Montana), one of those attending the meeting with the president at the White House.

There were three meetings, one with the president of the Chamber, Nancy Pelosi (California), and the Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer (New York). The White House indicated that they were “productive” meetings with a “wide range of points of view.”

“This was an important opportunity for the president to engage with members and hear their perspectives,” the report states. “Progress was made towards finding the way forward to reduce costs for working people and ensure that our economic growth strategy is based on investing in families, not more gifts for large corporations and wealthier taxpayers.”

The president spoke with more than a dozen Democrats. The third meeting was with progressives, including Senator Bernie Sanders (Vermont), chair of the Senate Budget Committee, and Representative Pramila Jayapal (Washington).

The White House said Biden and his team will have other meetings to advance the economic package., which integrates various tax credits for vulnerable groups, including an extension of the Child Tax Credit and help for medical insurance, among others.

“The United States Congress is going to do what the American people want,” said Sanders, who affirmed that the economic plan is “enormously popular” with the population.

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