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What can you do when Android Auto can’t connect with your car?

Android Auto is the best way for all users of Android terminals to communicate with their car and get a visualization of the system on the screen that helps us to manage everything that the smartphone offers us.

While we wait for the new interface of this system, called Coolwalk, which is going to mean a significant change in the structure and visualization of what we know today, we can enjoy this service or have a continuous headache because we suffer some incident.

We can suffer one of the most annoying inconveniences that can occur in Android Auto, as it is that we cannot communicate the system with the car.

It may happen that no matter how hard we try, we cannot make the phone identify the car and, therefore, we only get an error message or a black screen in response to our connection attempt.

However, despite the fact that Android Auto is not a perfect platform, we are not talking about it being full of problems, but rather that at a given moment something like what we told you about above might happen.

If you don’t know how to act in these cases, you shouldn’t worry, since you can try different solutions to get everything to work as it should.

Are you sure we have a compatible car?

We cannot assume that, since our car is new, it is surely compatible with Android Auto, because this is not true for all models.

Knowing if our vehicle comes with compatibility for this system is not exactly easy if we try. search the android websince, despite having a list with the vehicles that can be connected, the truth is that it is not very up-to-date and there are still models to incorporate.

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To know for sure, it is best to check it out in the own vehicle manualdownloading the specifications of the official website of the brand or directly by asking the dealership where they sold you the car.

It is important that you make sure of this, since when trying to connect the mobile to the car it may not work and the reason is not a lack of compatibility, but rather it is a specific problem that can be solved in the ways that we are going to tell you about next. .

Connect it for the first time

Now that we know that our car is fully compatible with Android Auto, we can connect it to the screen for the first time and start enjoying everything that this system has to offer. The first thing, and at the same time obvious, is that we must have android auto on phone.

As it is, the best thing is that we have this app, which in Android 12 is part of the system, as up-to-date as possible.

Now we must open the app and click on connect to a car. We will have to connect the mobile to the car through a USB cable.

After that we must follow the instructions that appear both on the mobile and on the screen of the car.

If you are still not able to connect, then we will have to see what possible solutions we can have to solve this problem.

check the cable

A really high percentage of the times the failure comes from the cable that we use to connect the mobile with the USB of the car.

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We must try to be a quality cablethat is, from a well-known brand, one of the many that sell level cables over the network (certified) or even an official one, which may be the same one that came with the mobile terminal.

Android Auto

Android Auto without Google in Mercedes cars: an alliance with Aptoide makes it possible

Once we know that we are dealing with a good level cable, we should always check if it is broken or if it could have any bent part that could generate a bad connection or a bad condition of the cable itself.

We can carry out two tests that are going to give us a lot of information, such as the use this cable for other actions and see if it works. If it is negative, we already know that it is defective. The second test may be change wire and see if Android Auto now works.

connect wirelessly

If we continue in the same situation, we will see if we are able to connect the mobile wirelessly to the system.

There are few cars on the market that have this compatibilityso it is unlikely that not yours will have it, but we have nothing to lose by trying.

The way is extremely simple:

  • We open the Android Auto application on your mobile.
  • We go down with the finger and in the section Systemwe activate the option Android Auto wirelessly.
  • Now we go to the console of our vehicle and We connect the mobile through Bluetooth or WiFi (sharing the Internet). Each car has a different way of accomplishing this task.
  • Once this is done, we access the Android Auto menu from the car and authorize the connection.
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From now on it should connect automatically and wirelessly.

Something that a priori is much more comfortable, but that has as a counterpart a greater expense of the smartphone battery.

What if it’s the car?

If after all this, it still doesn’t work and you think the problem comes from the car, you can try to update the firmware of this, although always following the instructions in the car manual, of course.

In any case, there are quite a few cars that are not specified anywhere as to update them and, therefore, they must be taken to the workshop so that they do it.

But after going to the workshop, it is best to tell them what is happening and to check what type of error the console has so that it does not connect with Android Auto.

Obviously, if the car is under warranty, this should be zero cost to us. If it’s over, we’ll be charged for the fix, parts, and labor, as long as we choose to fix it.

As you have been able to read, there are several checks and solutions that we can carry out if our smartphone does not connect with the Android Auto system of our car. Before taking it to the workshop, it is convenient to be able to check everything else.

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