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What car damages caused by the storm Filomena does the insurance cover

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Hundreds of vehicles on the side of the roads, collisions, mountains of snow that bury cars and vans, and detached branches due to the weight, are some of the consequences caused because of the snowstorm Filomena, which has especially affected Madrid and the communities of central Spain.

Once snow throwers make streets and highways passable it will be time to try to recover those vehicles, and to assess the damage caused. That is why it is very important to study the type of car insurance that we have underwritten, and even the company, because not all of them offer the same coverage.

Common claims like falling from a tree about a parked car or those caused by rockslide in a risk area are not the responsibility of the insurers, but of the Insurance Compensation Consortium, as well as other extraordinary risks such as floods, atypical cyclonic storms, earthquakes and tidal waves.

Except damage caused by hail, which is gradually becoming part of the coverage of the main insurance companies, damages to the car due to meteorological phenomena are not covered by car insurance, even if it is fully comprehensive.

If we only have the mandatory coverage (third party insurance), the vehicle will not be covered against any natural phenomenon, unless it includes, at least, coverage of its own damage – theft, glass or fire – or an extension has been contracted in the policy to include this type of damage.

A comprehensive insurance includes, in addition to damages to third parties, those caused to the own vehicle, and with it, a driver is automatically insured by the Insurance Compensation Consortium, which will be responsible for extraordinary risks such as floods and gusts of winds greater than 120 km / h, among others. What the Consortium does not include is hail, direct rain, the weight of snow or winds below 120 km / h, so the person responsible for the compensation will be the insurer provided that the policy includes coverage against meteorological damage. .

As of July 1, 2016, all cars insured with a car liability insurance policy in Spain are covered by the CCS (Consorcio de Compensación de Seguros) for material damage caused by extraordinary risks, even when they lacked coverage for their own damages. The Consortium is a state body to which part of the money from the policies subscribed is destined.

The communication of material damage and request for compensation must be made as soon as possible, either by phone call or online, through the website of the Insurance Compensation Consortium.

The request for compensation to the Consortium, both in the case of personal injury such as property, It can be presented directly by the insured himself, by the policyholder or by their respective representatives, or through the insurance company with which the policy was contracted or the insurance agent or broker who intervened in its contracting.

In the case of requesting compensation for material damage, the fastest and easiest way is to submit the request in one of the following ways: by phone, calling 902 222 665 or on-line, from the own website of the Insurance Compensation Consortium.

It can also be done by writing to the Regional Delegation of the corresponding Consortium (depending on the place of occurrence of the damage), filling in the «Damage Communication Sheet» and sending the necessary documentation. However, this method assumes that its processing may not be as fast as in the case of telephone and internet routes, since in the latter two the registration of the application and its assignment to a damage appraiser are automated processes.

In the case of requesting compensation for personal injuries, (death; partial, total or absolute permanent disability; or temporary disability) the request can be submitted by one of the following ways: by phone, by email by completing the “Communication Sheet of Damages »and sending it to [email protected] together with the necessary documentation, or by regular mail to the following postal address:

Insurance Compensation Consortium

Claims Department

Paseo de la Castellana, 32

28046 Madrid

In all cases, the request will be made as soon as possible: the less time that elapses between the occurrence of the damage and the request for compensation, the earlier the corresponding processing will be carried out.

In the event of damage to the car’s windows, the repair is covered by the glass coverage since, in this specific case, insurance companies do not usually exclude natural causes. If the damage to the car has been caused by a branch or a tree that has fallen on the car, the responsibility will fall on the owner of the land where it was planted, which is also applicable to municipal land (whose responsibility will fall on the town hall).

To request compensation, the first thing to do is notify the insurance company. In this type of situation, companies usually advance the money and later claim it from the Consortium.

If the vehicle is fully insured with a franchise, you can go directly to the Consortium. The process is the same as if you go to the insurance company: after notifying the problem within approximately one week a visit from an expert will be received which will assess vehicle damage using data from specialized auto repair companies.

Both the company and the Consortium, which has a limit of 21,035 euros per claim, will pay the amount as stipulated in the policy. Insurers comor Mapfre, Mutua or Allianz, they will pay the amount of the new car if it is less than two years old. After that period, it is paid according to the market price, using the valuation tables of the multinational Eurotax Glass-s.

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