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What causes a heat wave and how you can stay safe

Excessive heat can strike at any time during the year, even if you live in places where temperatures over 100 degrees are considered the norm.

Sometimes, the weather can become unbearable. It can feel as if you’ve stepped into an oven whenever you walk outside. In cases of extreme heat, your body can react in adverse ways, including experiencing dehydration or, worse, heat strokeaccording to the Mayo Clinic.

Throughout history, heat waves have struck various parts of the US from coast-to-coast. The summer of 1936 is one of the hottest on record and impacted the country when air conditioning was not a staple in average homes, according to the National Weather Service. Around 5,000 Americans died from the extreme heat, said the NWS.

But what is a heat wave, and what causes it?

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What is a heat wave?

A heat wave is a period of time when temperatures are well above average and much warmer than usual for that area and time of year, said Bianca Feldkircher, lead meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Phoenix.

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