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What do Ukrainian soldiers eat to fight the Russians?

On wartimelike the one currently experienced in Ukraine, soldiers are subjected to very harsh conditions both physically and mentally, so their diet has to be energetic (especially in cold areas and times) and, at the same time, balanced from a nutritional point of view.

But it must also be good, so that it contributes to maintaining the morale and good state of mind of the soldiers.

Since time immemorial, and although wars often cause food shortages, the best rations and the best food are saved for the men who are on the front lines of combat.

Hypercaloric diet

And the backpacks of the combatants usually include lunch boxes with hypercaloric foods and, in addition, healthy and nutritious, rations that make it possible for a soldier to have his own food for 24 hours, providing him between 3,500 and 4,000 calories (normal for an adult is a diet of 2,000 to 2,400 kcal) with less than three kilos of weight in the backpack.

On the Internet you can check – until recently you could even buy – the food of the Ukrainian soldiers. That, even if they want to, is not far from what the Russians eat, since food does not understand borders, politics or ideologies, as is the case with Turkish and Greek food, which has many points in common even though their dishes are called differently way.

Borsch and Tushonka

The rations of the Ukrainian soldiers include sugar, dark chocolate and preserved meat to which they also add ‘borsch’, the typical Ukrainian beet soup whose paternity is also disputed by Russia. Also on both sides they eat ‘tushonka’, which is a preserved pork that is quite popular on both sides, as well as pork and beef liver pâtés.

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Also, carbohydrates from dry bread in the form of salty crackers, soluble coffee and tea. For those drinks, white sugar and honey. They also eat meat stews with potatoes, peas and beans, and cereals such as oats, wheat or barley.

‘mountain rations’

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For its part, the rations of Putin’s fighters are somewhat larger: they are called ‘mountain rations’ and are batches of up to 5,000 calories introduced by the USSR after the invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. The ration comes in a box that weighs 700 grams and can feed three people for 24 hours or one person for two or three days, unlike the Ukrainian rations, which are separated into three separate packages for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The package includes everything you need to feed yourself, from a collapsible stove (‘taganok‘), four solid fuel pellets that allow you to take hot food cans.


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