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What do you want to study? These are the news at the European University of Valencia

The European University of Valencia is a benchmark in innovation and employability, which also stands out for a disruptive academic model based on the Experiential learning in which students are formed through the resolution of challenges and real practical cases. For this, the institution puts at your disposal the most advanced technology and a faculty made up of active professionals with an extensive experience and prestige.

News in degrees from the European University of Valencia

Besides, the European University of Valencia has a quality academic offer made up of 23 undergraduate and 24 postgraduate programs, and that this year presents two great novelties in the area of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics).

First of all, the Degree in Biotechnology, a rapidly growing field, which has been designed by the hand of BIOVAL, the cluster of the BIO industry of the Valencian Community.

In turn, this academic year also opens on Degree in Physics, which has an academic plan in which students can choose between three highly demanded specializations such as Computation and Analysis of Data, Materials or Electronics. In addition, within the program of practices It includes companies and international institutions of reference such as European Space Agency.

These innovations are added to the rest of the degrees in the STEAM area, which includes some of the professions with the best figures for employment creation, as shown in the latest Infojobs Report on the Prospects of Hiring Companies, in which up to one 58% of technology companies expected to significantly increase hiring in the next two years.

Among these degrees stands out, for example, Degree in Data Science, where experts in Business Analytics y Big Data in charge of leading the digital transformation of organizations and companies.

In this category you will also find the Degree in Industrial Organization Engineering, in which students delve into fields such as robotic, artificial intelligence, or augmented reality, responsible for the development of the new smart and connected industry.

In addition, the European University is the the only university in Valencia thatthat offers the Double Degree in Industrial Organization Engineering + Business Administration and Management, in which two of the degrees with the best figures of employability.

Health Sciences Degrees

Beyond scientific-technological training, the European University of Valencia is also a benchmark in the area of ​​Health Sciences, with programs As the Degree in Nursing, the Degree in Psychology and the Degree in Physiotherapy. Within this area is also the Degree in Dentistry, whose students are trained in their own University Clinic, where more than 50,000 treatments are performed per year.

Careers in Social Sciences

In the area of ​​Social Sciences, on the other hand, it also counts with prestigious degrees As the Degree in Criminology, in which students can even access official recognition as Private detective, and that it can also be taken as a Double Degree at Double Degree in Criminology + Law and the Double Degree in Criminology + Psychology.

Internationalization, a differentiating element

One of the hallmarks of the European University of Valencia is its marked international character, with a 47% of international students, and its firm purpose to be a global university.

This last point is one of the great priorities of the institution, which is actively involved in promoting the sustainable development and the United Nations 2030 Agenda through various social impact initiatives such as the Interschools Hackathon or the Ford Driving Dreams project, which also applies the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in a transversal way in all its academic plans.

Among the companies that collaborate with the university are Amazon, IBM and Telefónica.

An approach that is complemented by the purpose of training professionals capable of developing their professional careers in any country in the world, and thus contribute to building a more connected global society. A fact that is also reflected in the training offer, with programs taught entirely in English, As the Global Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship, the Bachelor ´s in Tourism and Leisure Management or the Bachelor´s in International Relations, the unique in the Valencian Community taught in this language.

A benchmark for the business sector

One of the great strengths of the European University of Valencia is the close link that unites it with the business sector, and that, added to its model professionalizing and the high quality of their academic training, explains their high numbers of employability.

Among the companies that collaborate with the university, either in the academic field or through internship programs, are great leaders such as Amazon, IBM and Telefónica.

The university will expand its facilities a new urban campus

In addition, it has a wide network of collaboration agreements with some of the most important institutions and companies at a national and international level, which places it as a reference for professionals and employers.

Precisely in the field of business, the university has a Double Degree in ADE + Marketing in which from the first year students have the opportunity to train through real projects that are being developed at the same time in prestigious companies. A reflection of the union that exists between the business fabric and the university, and of the academic model that has been so successful for the institution.

New urban campus of the European University of Valencia

Since its inauguration, the European University of Valencia has maintained a constant growth which has led him to reach more than 4,500 students, and to recently announce the opening of a new urban campus in the center of the city of Valencia in the academic year 2022-2023.

With this expansion, the university will expand its facilities, which at this moment already have more than 10,000 m2 equipped with the latest technology and located in a privileged environment that fosters a complete university experience.

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