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What do young people value most when entering the labor market?

Youth labor market.

Youth labor market.

The youth labor market is one of the most affected by unemployment. The unemployment figures month after month they shed worrying figures on the problems of the youngest to to find a job. Given the lack of experience, training is essential to be able to make the leap into the world of work. In order to know first-hand the challenges of this entire generation in terms of employment, we are going to reel off the interests and perspectives that young university students have once they finish their studies. Specifically, we are going to focus on the results of the ‘I Business Talents Report, on the attitudes and trends of Spanish university students’, for which 681 students have participated in a business simulation educational program.

Thanks to this experience, a whole series of conclusions have been drawn about the expectations of young people in the labor market.

In the first place, we stop at the characteristics that young people pay attention to when entering to work in a company. In this sense, the possibility of being able promote within the company is what attracts them the most, followed by job stability, the capacity of innovation and the opportunities of training that are offered. Interestingly, the salary It appears behind all the previous points in the priorities of young people when entering the labor market. Far behind the aforementioned characteristics, there is the option of telework as attractive.

Companies where young people would like to work

Another section of the study that concerns us reveals which are the companies in which Spanish university students would like to work. According to the results, the top five is occupied by Google in first place (chosen by 22% of young people), followed by Amazon (15.6%), Inditex (14.1%), Apple (13.7%) and Banco Santander (7.9%).

Jobs that young Spaniards would like to do

Regarding the type of activity they would like to carry out when they finish their university studies, most young people have entrepreneurial spirit, since according to the data extracted in the Report, 50.8% of university students would like to be entrepreneurs, either creating their own company or being professionals autonomous; followed by working for a company (18.5%) or being officials (10,4%).

Attractive sectors for younger workers

Asked about the sectors in which they would like to work, 30% of university students favor the advisory / consulting, followed by sector Commerce (29%) and bank (28.6%). And taking into account the area of ​​activity within a company, 36% of young people choose the General Management, followed by the area of Marketing (33.8%) and commercial (30.5%). In addition, according to the results, young people have highlighted that they believe they have skills, talent and preparation to carry out these functions.

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