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What does the rupture of relations between Spain and Algeria mean?

The Government has assured not to fear “repercussions” for Spanish interests due to the announcement of Algeria that he was suspended Treaty of Friendship, Good Neighborhood and Cooperation that both countries signed in 2002. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jose Manuel Albares He has regretted the decision of Algiers, but has maintained that the North African country has proven to be a “reliable partner”.

The main fear pointed out by analysts and experts points to the possible impact that the deterioration could have on relations in energy Matter, given that Algeria is one of the main suppliers of gas for Spain, and the Maghreb State already announced months ago that it was going to review selling prices for the Spanish supply, but not for the rest of the countries.

The reality is that the Spanish economy has been reducing its degree of gas dependency on Algiers, to the point that since the beginning of the years, USA has surpassed the African country as the main supplier of this energy source for Spain.

Termination threats

Algeria is very sensitive to Spain’s relationship with Morocco after Pedro Sánchez’s Executive backed the Moroccan proposal for autonomy for Western Sahara, a position that he considers “unjustifiable”. In this sense, last April, the Algerian Ministry of Energy warned the Spanish Executive that it was willing to terminate the gas supply contract if it confirmed that the final destination was Morocco, as part of the commitment to help Rabat regasify natural gas. liquefied and send it back to the Alaouite kingdom.

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Likewise, the Professional Association of Banks and Financial Establishments (ABEF) of Algeria has ordered this Thursday the freezing of direct debits related to foreign trade operations of products and services to and from Spain. The decision is due to the “immediate” and unilateral suspension of the Treaty of Friendship, Good Neighborhood and Cooperation announced by the Maghreb country.

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A deterioration of relationships can also lead to the arrival of more immigrants from the Algerian coast to the Spanish coast. Traditionally, Algiers has maintained a security control on its coasts and has not used migratory flows as pressure measurement. This commitment can change with the rupture of the treaty.

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