Thursday, April 11

What does this date mean and why can it be important for the war?

  • Russia celebrates that day the victory over the troops of Nazi Germany in World War II

Russia commemorates the May 9 of each year the victory dayto celebrate the victory of the Soviet Union over the Nazi Germany in 1945. It is a celebration very important in the country and, despite the fact that this year will coincide with the war waged by the Russians in Ukraine, the armed conflict will not prevent the Military Parade through the Red Square in Moscow.

One of the arguments of the Russian president, Vladimir Putinto start the invasion of Ukraine on February 24 was the “denazify” the neighboring country. For this reason, May 9 – when the 77th anniversary of the victory of Soviet troops over Hitler’s Army is commemorated – can be a key date in the war in Eastern Europe.

In this context, there is a fear that Putin escalate attacks in Ukraine on May 9, to get some symbolic conquest on the same date as Victory Day over Nazi Germany. The Kremlin leader promised last week that objectives marked in the campaign they will become true safely. Russia has already acknowledged his plans to conquer the donbas and also all of southern Ukraine.

This concern has been expressed by the UK Defense Minister, ben wallacewho has moved his forecast that Putin will intensify the conflict in Ukraine on May 9, declaring the war on “the nazis” and asking for one mass mobilization against its neighboring country. According to Wallace, this call could be given during the Victory Day parade through the streets of Moscow.

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Important date in the war

“I would not be surprised if you declare this alert that Russia is now in war with the nazis of the world and it needs a massive mobilization of the Russian population,” Wallace said in an interview with the British broadcaster LBC. What I need is more people. I need more russian cannon fodder‘” the UK defense minister warned.

Regarding Victory Day, the Pope Francis, who has assured that in his recent meeting with the president of Hungary, Viktor Orbanthe Hungarian assured him that the Russians “have a plan and that May 9 everything will be over“.

Likewise, Ukrainian military sources quoted by the newspaper ‘The Times’ have warned that Russia is seeking to open a new front against Ukraine from Moldova and various “indicators” point to an attack on that former Soviet republic in the near future. In fact, he warns that the Russian country could create a “pretext” for intervene in Moldova to coincide with the parade of the victory day.

Therefore, the May 9a date that was so important for the USSR in the Second World War – known there as the Great Patriotic War – by managing to defeat the troops of Nazi Germany, it can also be fundamental in the future of the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Military parade in Russia

The May 9 is a public holiday in Russia – just like in other former Soviet republics, including Ukraine– and perform a Military Parade on the Red Square in Moscow. The war with Ukraine will not stop the celebration of Victory Day and, last Thursday, Russian troops carried out a night rehearsal in front of the Kremlin, in which more than 10,000 soldiers and 131 military teams participated as part of the motorized column.

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Related news

So far, it is unknown if some of the units that will participate in the parade will also be invited. fight in ukraine, where 1,351 Russian soldiers would have died, according to official sources. However, it is known that intercontinental missiles, tanks, anti-missile batteries, armored vehicles, planes and helicopters will parade.

The next night rehearsal it will also take place in the Red Square on May 4; and day 7 will be last dress rehearsal of the parade. On this occasion, Russia will not invite no world leader to the military parade on May 9. “We have not invited any world leader to Victory Day. This year is not a round anniversary,” said the spokesman for the Russian Presidency, Dmitry Peskovsince this year marks the 77th anniversary.

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