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What foreigners in Valencia must know to receive the Covid vaccine

The president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Ximo Puig, made the announcement after the news that in Andalusia, in southern Spain, regional health authorities said that only foreigners with public health care would receive the vaccine, a decision that has since reversed.

On Thursday, March 4, Puig assured that “without a doubt” foreigners residing in Valencia would receive the vaccine and that the objective of his government is “to vaccinate everyone.”

This will mean that the 70,000 citizens of the United Kingdom, the 1,000 Americans and the other 269,000 foreigners living in the province of Alicante will have access to the vaccine that is only in the hands of public hospitals, even if they only have private health insurance and not they pay. Contributions to social security in Spain.

The same will apply to foreigners in the other two provinces of the Valencian Community: Valencia and Castellón.

The only prerequisite is to have a Valencian public health card, the SIP, which for those who do not pay social security contributions will probably be a temporary public health subscription to access the vaccine.

This will not entitle them to receive free medical care (if they have to pay an unidentified amount as if it were private hospital treatment, this could be the special arrangement mentioned below), although it has not yet been announced if the foreigners without public health care will have to pay for the Covid vaccine itself.

According to government estimates, up to 20,000 British citizens in Alicante are not registered in public health databases and, therefore, could go unnoticed by the regional health system if they do not disclose their existence.

This includes second home owners who spend long periods in Spain but use only private health insurance, or long-term tourists who stay in hotels and are not registered with the city council.

Many have stayed in Spain as a result of the pandemic.

While EU citizens in this situation can stay in the country (although technically they should become residents after three months), Brexit has meant that non-resident Britons now have to leave Spain and the Schengen area after 90 days. .

What documents will I need to apply for the SIP?

In general, the Valencia SIP public health card is granted to those who work or are pensioners, together with their beneficiaries.

To apply for the card, foreigners are asked for their passport, green card or TIE residence document, register of their town hall and pension / work forms that prove contributions.

You do not need to be a resident of the Valencia region to obtain a SIP card as long as you pay the monthly social security fee.

Although the Valencian government has not specified it in this case, they could be talking about the payment scheme called special agreement (special agreement), which as far as we know is only available after one year of residence in Spain

The cost depends on the age: for those under 65 it is a monthly fee of around € 60, while for those over that age it is € 157.

SIP actually stands for Population Information System (Population Information System). It is the information database used by the Valencian health services and crossed with other government registries for important campaigns such as the deployment of vaccines.

Therefore, registering for a SIP in this particular case may not involve those amounts or waiting a year for the special agreement, as this could be a temporary plan and a record only for the vaccination campaign.

What is likely to be asked of foreigners in this case is their registry, since it is a record of the applicant’s address in the Valencian Community and proof that they live there. A contract, invoices or other proof of address is required to make this otherwise quick and easy process.


The Malaga authorities, for example, have been urging foreigners in their province to make sure they have the registry or make sure it is up to date, as this is the best way to transmit a larger census of people to their health centers. local public.

According to the Spanish newspaper La Información, the Valencian government has said that foreigners must register with their local immigration office (Aliens) or apply for the SIP card or they will not receive the vaccine, including those with private health insurance.

People who already have a SIP card are also asked to make sure their details are up to date so that they can be contacted through this. page.

When will foreigners be vaccinated in the Valencian Community?

Foreigners from the Valencian Community who already have access to public health care will be included in the same group as Spaniards, which means that they must follow the general priority criteria to know when it is their turn.


Covid vaccine calendar in Spain: when will I receive it?

The Valencian president, Ximo Puig, has stressed that the order in which ‘not registered’ foreigners will be vaccinated has not yet been decided, but according to the Valencian health authorities “they will be called to be vaccinated but in the last position on the list of their corresponding groups “.

“Everyone will be vaccinated but we need them to request the SIP card, or update the one they have to be able to locate them.”

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