Saturday, October 16

What function do the fungi that inhabit our intestines have?

  • Silvana Teresa Tapia Paniagua
  • The Conversation*

Illustration of the intestine and liver

Image source, Getty Images


Our body is home to countless microorganisms that contribute to countless biological processes and interactions.

We are not alone. Just because we don’t fully see or know our invisible life partners doesn’t mean they don’t exist. They are there and, without them, our existence would be much more complicated, and even impossible.

For a few years now and thanks to the development of new technologies, what surrounds us and what lives with us, inside and outside of our organism, is being known in greater depth.

The microbiota (with r) is the term used to refer to all these microscopic beings that house in a certain place, be it a lake, our intestine or the surface of a rock.

Today, the study of the microbiota is of great relevance. Researchers wonder who its components are and what consequences their presence has where they are.

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