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What happened to Carson Wentz? Inactive Eagles QB Could Seek Trade After Week 17

Carson Wentz’s fall from grace has been swift. The Eagles quarterback was benched in his twelfth game of the season in favor of Jalen Hurts. It’s expected to be a healthy scratch in Week 17. And he reportedly plans to call for a trade in the offseason.

For a time, the No. 2 overall pick in the 2016 NFL Draft looked like it would be the quarterback in Philadelphia for a decade or more. Now, it looks like he may have played his last play for the Eagles, as Hurts took over and impressed at the end of the season. According to ESPN, Wentz’s relationship with Philadelphia coach Doug Pederson is “hopelessly fractured.”

Here’s what you need to know about Wentz’s current situation with the Eagles.

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Why isn’t Carson Wentz playing?

Going into Week 13, Wentz led the NFL in both interceptions thrown and sacks made. The Eagles got off to a rocky start to their game that Sunday against the Packers, and that led to Pederson inserting rookie Hurts, who led a decent comeback. Wentz has not played since.

Since then, Hurts rushed for 106 yards in Week 14 and surpassed 300 yards through the air in Weeks 15 and 16. At the very least, Hurts’ game was going to create controversy among quarterbacks before the 2021 season.

But on the last Sunday of the regular season, reports surfaced suggesting Wentz might not be around to watch such a competition. First, various reports He indicated that Wentz will be a healthy idle scratch for “Sunday Night Football” against the Washington Football Team. While Wentz had been benched, he had been Hurts’ endorsement prior to Week 17.

Then ESPN’s Chris Mortensen added more to the story: According to Mortensen, the relationship between Wentz and Pederson is “hopelessly fractured.” ESPN had already reported that Pederson would return as Philadelphia coach in 2021, so I would suggest Wentz might be the one.

Last month, ESPN reported that the Eagles wanted to stay with Wentz despite their struggles during the 2020 season. But the new report suggests that Wentz and his representatives will work to make his strong contract easier to move within the constraints of the salary cap. According to ESPN, Wentz of Philadelphia’s sale price would be “significant.”

Wentz’s 2021 squad bonus of $10 million is paid out on the second day of the 2021 league year (which will be mid-March, but has yet to be announced). If Philadelphia intends to move Wentz, it will likely be before then, according to ESPN.

Meanwhile, Hurts will make his fourth consecutive start to close the season on Sunday night. And for the first time, his backing is expected to be not Wentz but Nate Surfed. And if Wentz is traded, his last three passes from the Eagles were incomplete.

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Carson Wentz Statistics 2020

Wentz started the first 12 games of the Eagles season. Here are his remarkable stats, with Wentz entering Week 17 and still leading the NFL in interceptions thrown and sacks taken despite not playing since Week 13:

  • Terminations: 251-437 (57.4 percent)
  • Passing yards: 2,620
  • Passing TD: sixteen
  • Interceptions: fifteen
  • Sacks taken: fifty
  • Rushed yards: 276
  • Rushed TDs: 5

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