Tuesday, April 20

What happened to the cross on which Jesus died (and was it really found?)

  • Alejandro Millán Valencia
  • BBC World News

Three crosses in the middle of a sunset

Image source, Getty Images


Within the Christian tradition, Jesus died crucified.

According to the account on which Christians base their beliefs, Jesus of Nazareth died crucified by order of the then Roman prefect in Judea, Pontius Pilate, and his transit until that death – a series of episodes known as the Passion – is one of the elements. centrals that are commemorated in Holy Week.

So central was the crucifixion in the history of Christianity that the cross eventually became the symbol of religions that profess devotion to the figure of Jesus Christ.

But what happened to that cross where his death occurred?

Dozens of monasteries and churches around the world claim to have at least one piece of the so-called “vera cruz” on their altars, to the praise of their faithful.


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