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What happened to the Gutfeld show?

GREG Gutfeld has been missing from his late-night show for several days – leaving TV viewers puzzled.

Fans of the Gutfeld Show have been speculating that the hit satirical show has been cancelled.

Greg has been hosting the Gutfeld show since 2015


Greg has been hosting the Gutfeld show since 2015Credit: Fox News

What happened to the Gutfeld show?

The Gutfeld show was pulled from its regular weeknight slot in late February 2022.   

Greg later explained on Twitter that the show would skip its normal schedule to allow room for coverage of the situation in Ukraine.

On March 3, he tweeted: “Gutfeld! will not air tonight due to breaking news. For the latest, stay tuned to @FoxNews.”

It came as Greg revealed that that his mother-in-law was among those displaced in Ukraine.

At the time she was being housed in Lviv, a small town about 45 miles from the Polish border.

While speaking to Fox correspondent Lucas Tomlinson who is reporting in Ukraine, Gutfeld said, “Well thank you, Lucas, you’re in Lviv, so is my mother-in-law. I think she’s at your hotel. If you run into her, give her my best. Give everybody there my best.”

Gutfeld went on to thank his colleagues for their unwavering support and said, “I do want to point out that like our co-workers are unbelievably awesome, because the things that they have been doing for a grouchy, cynical bastard like myself.”

He added, “These guys over there, I won’t name them, but you probably know who they are, and you’ve seen them, are absolute heroes helping out a little old lady they just met.

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“And maybe by tomorrow or the next day, she will be with her daughter and it’s because of those guys who work for Fox News.” 

Greg later revealed live on The Five that the family member had been safely evacuated as she was filmed reuniting with her daughter at the Ukraine – Poland border.

“Just to let everybody know my mother-in-law crossed into … Poland about half an hour ago, so she’s in a car on her way to Warsaw to see her daughter, Elena,” Gutfeld said on the air.

Dramatic footage showed his wife Elena Gutfeld warmly embracing her mother in front of the Renaissance Hotel in Warsaw, telling her in Russian: “Thank God.”

Over 1.2million refugees have now fled Ukraine — with an average of 115,000 pouring into Europe every day.

Has Gutfeld show been cancelled?

There has been no official word on the return of the Gutfeld show, however it is not thought to be cancelled indefinitely.

Many disgruntled fans called out the programme on Twitter, questioning when it may return to screens.

“When will Gutfeld return? No to little information on the shows return. Too much time and people will just move on,” one wrote.

Another added: “I am sick of not seeing Gutfeld. I know there is awfulness in this world right now…We need relief. Quit pre-empting the show.”

While a third penned: “Miss you guys on Gutfeld but understand. Hope to see the show again soon.”

Is Gutfeld show on tonight?

Gutfeld’s regular 11pm spot will tonight (March 8, 2022) be filled by Hannity as the Fox News continues its live coverage of the crisis in Ukraine.

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Hannity interviews guests and provides his own political commentary on the hugely popular show.

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