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What happened to the keys?

Locke and Key season 3 certainly took us on a wild ride. How was Dodge still alive? What happened to Gideon? What happened to the keys?

There was a lot to cover in the final eight episodes of Locke and Key. The season had to deal with Gideon, the demon who came back at the end of the second season. We also knew that Dodge was coming back somehow, but how would that happen? And would Tyler get his memories of magic back?

A lot of the questions were answered pretty quickly, especially Tyler and Dodge. Tyler did get his memories of him back after Kinsey realized he couldn’t be left in the dark for any longer. He also realized that even without knowing about magic, the loss of Jackie still hurt. As for Dodge, Bode found the Time Key, which took him back in time to when Dodge was around. She hitched a ride to the future for a short period of time.

At one point, Dodge seemed to help the Lockes. She did find out what Gideon wanted.

Why did Gideon want the keys in Locke and Key season 3?

Gideon wanted much more than Dodge ever did. He wanted to gather all the keys and use them to combine the demon world and the human world. It would be devastating, and even Dodge said she didn’t want that.

When Gideon thought he had all the keys, he started the spell. However, it didn’t work. There was one more key, and it was hidden in someone’s head. Ellie explained that Gordie’s head holds the final key. So, everyone heads inside to get it. This includes Sam, who had killed Rendell at the very start of the series. We found out Sam had become a ghost and was trapped. Fortunately, he was able to take over one of the echo’s bodies.

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Sam gets his redemption during the story. He saves the Lockes and Ellie while in Gordie’s head. Gordie dies while Sam is stuck instead, and it’s written as if Sam dies too.

Bringing an end to the keys in Locke and Key

Gideon would stop at nothing to do what he wanted. It led to the portal to his world opening from him, and he was willing to throw Kinsey into the portal if he didn’t get the keys from her. However, the Lockes manage to fight against him, throwing him into the portal instead. He goes in with a couple of keys, and the Lockes watch as the portal starts to close.

The siblings and Nina realize that they need to put all keys into the portal to close it forever. Bode doesn’t want to do that. Not all the keys are bad. The Time Key allows them to head to the past, which everyone uses to see Rendell one last time. Rendell wo n’t remember seeing his family and hearing their stories about him, but they will always have that memory. Rendell also believes that they should get rid of the keys. It’s time to destroy them.

With that, the family puts all the keys into the portal, closing it up completely. This is before they can use the keys on a few people, including Scott and Josh.

Scott, who appears at the end and learns Kinsey is looking at colleges in the UK to be with him, isn’t angry that he won’t get to remember soon. It could be a good thing for him. Plus, they have magic on camera, so it’s not like it will be completely erased. Josh just never gets to really find out the truth, but with the keys gone, it’s not going to be something that keeps him from getting close to Nina.

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Tyler leaves Key House for Montana to be with Carly. He did originally run away to there after Jackie’s death, but now he’s doing it remembering magic and feeling fully ready to move on in his life.

Duncan isn’t angry the keys are gone, either. He is happy to see that everyone close to him is alive and happy. Also, he always has his room at Key House.

This is a chance for everyone to move on. The story is complete with the Locke and Key season 3 finale.

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