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What happens in ‘Así Se Baila’? More celebrities quit the show

The famous contestants had a Halloween night on 'Así Se Baila'.

The famous contestants had a Halloween night on ‘Así Se Baila’.

Photo: Telemundo / Alex Tamargo / Telemundo

What happens in ‘This is how you dance’ More celebrities quit the show… The Telemundo reality show turned into a nightmare this Sunday and not precisely because of Halloween.

Just like we told you a few weeks ago, and although it was only made official today, Juan De Dios Pantoja and Kimberly Loaiza no longer return. And almost at the end of the night we found out that Neither did Elyfer Torres, in fact, Polo Monárrez danced alone and next week he will have a new partner.

Let’s remember that last week, the first couple to resign was that of David Chocarro and Carolina Laursen, who explained that he was no longer enjoying himself, because to the many hours they dedicated to rehearsals, the most important thing was added: they took them away from their daughters who they no longer saw.

What happened to JD Pantoja and Kimberly Loaiza? As we know, they entered the Telemundo reality show on Sundays a week later. And they were not in the last two galas, one of them because he tested positive for COVD-19, and the last one, although it had already tested negative, we saw them walking through Disney instead of by the track of ‘Así Se Baiala’.

Unlike the Chocarro and Elyfer couple, the announcement of the departure of the Tiktokeros was said by passing through the digital presenter, Carlos Adyan, without explanation, without details, and without even videos of them farewell.

The unofficial version, as we told you a few days ago, is that, regardless of COVID-19 and the consequences that could have left in JD’s lungs, the couple had already decided to leave the reality showWell, supposedly, it was working for us with its true source of work: making Tiktoks.

What is the situation of Elyfer Torres? The official one, and without a doubt the most important, is that the actress has a condition that she has struggled with for years: anxiety. As she explained, in a video that was seen on the big screen of the Telemundo reality show after the Polo dance, most of the time it is something he can control, but in recent weeks, due to personal problems, it has become very difficult and he gave up to take care of himself and his mental health.

Polo Monárrez danced alone.  Photo: Telemundo / Alex Tamargo
Polo Monárrez danced alone.

The extra-official version is that, In addition to the anxiety that he really suffers, the recording of the second season of ‘War of Neighbors’ with Netflix begins and would have preferred to resign to continue being part of the successful series.

How is the show going now? For now, production would be in crisis, not only because of the supposed great disorganization that they would have, something that all participating couples would be complaining about, even those who left, but because With these resignations they already had to go out to improvise two special shows. The one we saw with the $ 20,000 competition, and the one on Halloween Sunday, where they danced and even sang! the famous participants.

As far as we learned, resignations would not end here, it is very possible that the Zandejas brothers will also leave, because? For two possible reasons, a work commitment that Samadhi would have, and the arrival of Elyfer’s replacement.

Who would be Elyfer’s replacement and why would it affect the Zandejas? I would be the actress Laura Carmine, whom we currently see on the Univision screen with her character in the novel ‘La Desalmada‘, the success of the moment that has’ Malverde, The Patron Saint’ in check.

The actress was Adriano’s partner a few years ago and the relationship would not have ended well at all, to the point that they do not speak, so his entry could bring another resignation, that of the brothers.

Definitely, ‘Así Se Baila’ is a reality show, but every day more similar to ‘La Casa de los Famosos’, than a dance one.



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