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What happens in the body when drinking a cup of green tea daily

In recent years the health and nutrition industry has been obsessed with finding magic supplements, vitamins, diets, and all kinds of tools that help people to live better and enjoy a healthy weight. Despite this currently the trend is simpler and invites us to consume natural products, distinguished by their therapeutic and medicinal potential.

Nature is wise and puts within our reach curative foods, which by its composition nutrient dense they are the perfect ally for gain health, prevent diseases Y live longer. Based on this, there are elements that cannot be missing in all balanced and conscious diet, such is the case of legendary green tea.

Green tea is considered the healthiest drink on the planet, is composed of numerous antioxidants and compounds that provide great effects on the functioning of the body. Among those that stand out its benefits for improve brain function, promote fat loss, lower the risk of certain types of cancer, improve cardiovascular health and boost the immune system.

One of the great qualities of composition of green tea it lies in its polyphenol content, which include close to 30% of its weight and that are related to great qualities for reduce inflammation. Within its content of said polyphenols, its contribution in a type of catechin call EGCG (for its acronym in English) and that are considered powerful natural antioxidants that help prevent cell damage, free radicals and oxidative stress. That is why the EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), is considered one of the most powerful and important substances in tea, in fact it has various studies and scientific references of prestige that endorse its long list of medicinal properties.

The truth is drink green tea every dayIt is one of the best things we can do for our health. It’s about a comforting and simple habit that has too positive an impact on the quality of life Y disease prevention.

What a cup of green tea a day will do for your health:

1. You will have much more energy

A high percentage of people in the world they start the day drinking a cup of coffee and this is not only related to your delicious taste and unmatched aroma. Coffee is one of the most powerful stimulants out there and thanks to its caffeine content is related to effects for increase energy levels. However not all people are coffee fanatics, also in many cases they usually add a lot of sugar, cream and milk which causes the properties of coffee to be lost. The good news is that green tea it is a much healthier source of caffeine. According to the famous Healtline health portal, the way the caffeine levels in green tea work might be better for people who are very sensitive to this substance. This is because green tea does not contain as much caffeine as coffee, but contributes enough to produce a response without causing the effects of ‘nervousness’ associated with caffeine consumption. That is why green tea is ideal for fill us with energy without suffering the side effects of coffee, such as tachycardia, headaches, anxiety, digestive disorders and irritability.

2. You will improve heart health

Green tea is one of the more noble drinks to protect and enhance cardiovascular function. There are references, as is the case of This studio released by the Harvard University in which it has been verified that the daily consumption of green tea may improve some of the major risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, including heart attacks and strokes. There is also a research work published in The Journal of Nutrition, in which it was found that people who drink green tea; develop up to 31% lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Finally, there is another study that discovered that green tea drinkers develop a slower progression of coronary artery calcium and this translates into a lower risk of suffering cardiovascular events.

3. You will reduce the risk of diabetes

We already know there are no miracle foods, but they are good allies to strengthen health and that thanks to their properties are a good ally to prevent diseases. Green tea is a great natural supplement for prevent and fight diabetes, considering that all over the world 400 million people suffer type 2 diabetes, according to data revealed by the World Health Organization (WHO), and that there is no actual cure: drink green tea every day a great natural alternative to complement a healthy lifestyle. It has been shown that green tea reduces the risk of developing pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes, thanks to its ability to significantly reduce high levels of glucose in the blood. In addition, there is a study released by the department of social and environmental health of the Osaka University, in which it was found that the consumption of green tea is associated with a lower risk of diabetes.

4. You will lose weight

One of the most worrisome health conditions today is overweight and obesity, sAccording to information revealed by the Center for Disease Control, from United States: 71.6% of American adults are obese or overweight. These conditions not only dramatically deteriorate health, they cause most Americans to constantly struggle with their weight. It is because of that the weight loss industry has grown so much in recent years and is actually related to millionaire earningsHowever, it has been proven that green tea can save us a lot of money. Drinking green tea every day is a great natural solution for control and reduce weight, there is a study confirming that consumption of tea and green tea extracts reduces body weight (mainly body fat), as it increases thermogenesis and fat oxidation.

5. It will improve brain function

The green tea not only is it very rich in antioxidants great medicinal power, stands out for containing a very special substance called L-teanina, it is an amino acid that improves brain function. In fact, a study of the Cognitive Neurophysiology Laboratory found that the L-teanina improves cognitive abilities. In such a way that drinking green tea every day is related to aincrease in productivity, concentration levels, degree of learning and promotes good memory.

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