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What happens in the body when eating chicken daily

The chicken is considered the source of protein most popular in America and therefore one of the variants most consumed. The reality is that eating chicken is too easy, it is accessible, delicious and highly versatile, lends itself to create all kinds of combinationsand it is very easy to feel good about integrating it into the diet.

For numerous reasons the chicken is a nutritional treasure, in principle for his extraordinary contribution in proteins of high biological value, its low fat content and its high content of vitamins and minerals. Chicken is also considered a very easily digestible food, It is very good to eat it and it is one of the most recommended foods for lose weight. During the 1980s, numerous studies and doctors warned about the effects of excessive consumption of saturated fat related to red meat and as a consequence Natural way chicken began to shine as one of the best alternatives of lean proteins to protect health.

The truth is that although the chicken is positioned as the main source of protein, as part of the recent health, wellness and nutrition trends It has also been subjected to all kinds of beliefs around its consumption. If you usually consume it regularly, we invite you to continue reading.

What happens in the body when eating chicken daily:

1. Possible weight loss

One of the great qualities of chicken and that are directly related to loss of weightor, is its high content in proteins of high biological value, which have the peculiarity of take longer to digest by the organism that Carbohydrates. In such a way that integrate a portion of chicken in any of the main meals of the day, it is a great habit that hhelps the stomach feel satisfied over time and is in fact reason enough to eAvoid carbohydrate cravings or excess calories.On the other hand, there are studies that support its satiating power, such is the case of this research work published in the revista Appetite and in which the researchers found that chicken is as effective as beef and pork to trigger the release of intestinal hormones and insulin, which directly influence satiety. That is why the recommendation of many nutritionists is to eat chicken meat every day, as a great alternative to avoid consuming more calorie dense foods, as fattier meats and processed foods, at the same time it is a dietary habit that is related to a lower intake of carbohydrates without fiber and that helps to increase calorie burn and lose more pounds.

2. Possible weight gain

You will probably be surprised to read this since chicken is one of the most fundamental foods and recommended in the popular low carbohydrate diets Y high in protein for weight loss. However, it is important to mention that it’s all about balance And any food that we consume in excess will not be healthy. It has been proven that eat a lot of chicken (every day and at different meals) is related to a possible weight gainWhat is important to note is that it is not specifically about the chicken: if we consume a lot of protein of any kind, the body stores what it cannot burn as fat. This is confirmed by a study from 2015 published by Clinical Nutrition, in which is found that people whose diets were made up of more than 20% protein (especially animal protein), had a significantly higher probability of gain more than 10% of your body weight compared to people whose diets had less than 15% protein. It is important to understand that proteins They are a essential macronutrient in nutrition and the proper functioning of the human organism, they are also key in weight loss, but they still have a good caloric intake; that adds up throughout the day.

3. More muscle

Among the most famous properties of the protein consumption is its close relationship with the muscle mass, and the reason is simple the Protein is the building block of muscles. In such a way that if we include a serving of chicken for lunch or dinner, we will be providing the raw materials that the body needs to build stronger muscles. The consumption of chicken is particularly striking, since it is rich in a complete protein rich in leucine and that it is an amino acid that plays a big role in muscle protein synthesis, according to a study published in The Journal of Nutrition.

Based on the above numerous athletes, high performance athletes and people focused on lose weight, they have wondered How Much Chicken Protein Is Needed To Increase Muscle Mass? A 2018 study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, was based on analyzing other 49 studies available and determined that the ideal amount of protein per day to gain muscle is 1.6 grams per kg of body mass.

4. You are likely to consume more fat

It is well known that chicken meat provides lower levels of Saturated fats especially compared to variants of red meat. However, chicken is not exempt, so eating high amounts can make us consume more fat than adequate. At this point it is important to emphasize the importance of choose organic chicken variants, as lthe amount of fat in factory-raised and genetically modified chickens has increased from five to ten times more. For you to consider: a portion of four ounces chicken contains 17 grams of total fat, of which 5 grams are Saturated fats.

5. You can increase sodium intake

A high sodium intake is related to various conditions that put cardiovascular health at risk, as is the case with the hypertension. It is too relevant to pay attention to the preparations with which we usually consume chicken, so that it will be essential to avoid those fast or frozen food presentations, since they are usually added with much more sodium than we should consume. According to established standards by American Heart Association, the maximum allowed is 1500 mg of sodium per day and in fact it is considered one of the most important measures for keep blood pressure in check.

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