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What happens in the body when eating quinoa

What happens in the body when eating quinoa

Quinoa is a food loaded with protein, fiber, it is satiating and low in calories, it is perfect for losing weight.

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Follow one healthy nutrition it is not such a complicated task. The first step is to surround ourselves with natural, seasonal and fresh ingredients, usually all these options they shine for their nutrient density. The good news is that we now have many partners who pave the way, promote health at every level, and directly benefit weight loss. Undoubtedly one of the largest specimens of the last decade is the quinoa, which stands out for its immense nutritional power and great healing properties.

The truth is that its popularity has grown like foam and it has not been in vain, quinoa is considered one of the most powerful superfoods of all times. It is a unique grain since it is characterized by being exceptionally rich in protein, has a pleasant nutty flavor and pairs well with all kinds of ingredients such as vegetables and lean proteins, including salmon and chicken. The best of all is that the versatility of quinoa It has no end and is not only limited to its use in savory dishes, it is even a great complement to sweet and oatmeal recipes. Such nutritional potential makes it worth knowing in greater detail, what actually happens in the body when consuming quinoa. Regardless of how you choose to consume it, one thing is for sure: you will reap significant health and wellness benefits. Not for nothing is it classified as one of the healthiest foods on the planet.

1. Less constipation

For those who tend to ignore the great benefits of quinoa, after reading this your perception will probably change: is an extraordinary source of fiber, specifically insoluble fiber. This means that it is the type of fiber that travels through the digestive tract without being absorbed or broken down. For more context: in just one cup of cooked quinoa we will be getting 5 grams of fiber. Taking into account that the average recommended consumption for women is 25 grams of fiber per day, while men should strive to eat around 38 grams a day It is a great dietary addition! It is a food that is associated with great digestive benefits, it not only benefits the elimination of waste, it fights gastrointestinal discomfort as is the particular case of bloating and gas. It is the perfect grain, low in calories and very satiating, to accelerate intestinal transit and obtain all the benefits that this entails.

2. May increase iron levels

Quinoa is a highly valued ingredient in vegetarian diets, for many reasons and one of them is its great iron content from a plant source. In addition, specifically, quinoa is a great food for women, since they are more prone to running. the risk of iron deficiency due to menstruation, so it is important that they follow a diet based on foods rich in iron. For more detail: uA woman between the ages of 19 and 50 needs about 18 milligrams of iron per day and a cup of quinoa contains about 2.8 milligrams, which satisfies about 15% of your daily need. So to eat quinoa, it has been said, remember that today one of the main health recommendations is to follow a plant-based diet and quinoa is the perfect ally for don’t neglect iron levels.

3. Satiating power, for fewer calories

For those who usually exercise at the end of the late or at nightIt is especially relevant to eat satisfying foods that are rich in nutrients. They are the best ally for keep energy stable during training, especially at night we already feel tired. The secret of success according to specialists is not to eat too much: uOne cup of cooked quinoa contains approximately 8 grams of protein, which is great to keep us satisfied and also to suppress the appetite. It is also a very complete and generous food, for its modest amount of calories: one cup contains about 222 calories. It is the perfect snack to boost any effort focused on weight loss. Quinoa also contains the nine essential amino acids, which makes it a complete protein Better impossible!

4. Helps stabilize blood sugar levels

Another of the great genius of quinoa is that due to its nutritional composition it is a food of low glycemic index (GI). This means that by consuming it, it will not increase blood glucose (sugar) levels after eating a dish and this is an especially important point in the diet of people living with prediabetes, type 1 and 2 diabetes. Remember that the consumption of foods with a high glycemic index (as with refined flours), increases the risk of suffering from hyperglycemia, a state that is characterized by blood glucose levels too high.

5. Ideal for people intolerant to gluten

Quinoa is a grain, however not all varieties of grains are the same. It has the immense peculiarity of not containing gluten, therefore it is a great alternative for those who present celiac disease or are gluten intolerant or who are simply very sensitive. Best of all, it is a gluten free food very rich in nutrients, quite the opposite of what happens with Gluten-free flour, such as potato, corn, and tapioca, are largely lacking in some essential nutrients and antioxidants. It is also a good option for those who suffer from digestive disturbances constantly, as with conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, excess gas and recurrent inflammation.

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