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What happens in the second season of ‘Paraíso’ on Movistar: travel to the Spain of the 90s

The group of kids that stars in ‘Paraíso’.

Movistar Plus+ premieres the second season of this fiction that mixes mystery and science fiction in a world of teenagers

In the mid-1990s, the second and final season of ‘Paraíso’ begins, a production that recreates the Spain of that time and exploits a genre, that of science fiction, which is rare in national series. “We have made a considerable effort to provide it with images that have rarely been seen on television. It was a challenge, because it was one of the first productions to deal with these special effects of the genre”, explains the executive producer, Javier Pons, from The Mediapro Studio.

'Paraíso', a Spanish-style 'Stranger Things'

The last batch of the saga, which Movistar Plus + premieres this Thursday, June 16 on its platform, returns to Levante. “We return to many of the towns where we spent the summer and spent our adolescence,” says Ruth García, screenwriter and co-creator of ‘Paraíso’, which has been recorded in more than ten towns on the Mediterranean coast.

There will also be no lack of the music company of the time, such as Mecano or Héroes del Silencio, to show “the good and the bad” of that country, the one of 1995, which experienced the Olympic hangover with an economic and social crisis that staggered the last government of Felipe González.

On this occasion, fiction featured the award-winning composer Lucas Vidal to shape a totally renewed soundtrack.

‘Paraíso’ began its first season in the summer of 1992 with the disappearance of three teenagers in a nightclub without a trace. One of the brothers of a missing young woman, Javi, the character played by the actor Pau Gimeno, begins an alternative investigation to the police and discovers that those who have his sister are not from this world.

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Now, three years after those events, the chapters start with a new group of Undead, the Novavis, who appear in Almanzora, the fictional town of the series. His objective is to destroy the place in order to carry out his regeneration ritual, endangering the lives of Javi’s family and friends and his gang. To all this, another mystery is added: the true origin of the protagonist, a secret hidden by his parents since his birth.

The series features the additions of Álvaro Mel (‘La Fortuna’) in the role of Mateo and Begoña Vargas (‘Las Leyes de la Frontera’) as Evelyn. Laura Laprida plays Valentina, while the young Carla Domínguez plays Anabel. “The viewer discovers the other side of Mateo, which is what attracted me the most when the project came to me,” says Mel about his character. The actress Macarena García continues in this batch of chapters, for whom the most interesting thing about the second installment is to see how the characters have changed “three years after what happened.” “We will see Costa more as a woman”, she advances about her character, who is in a risky pregnancy, eight months, and with a partner, Mario, who is played by the actor Iñaki Ardanaz. «Costa focuses on the love for the child she is expecting and that takes me out of that suspense plot. Mario does not want to assume it and wants to take care of Costa all the time », she points out.

Desired ending

The director of Original Production of Movistar Plus +, Domingo Corral, says that they dared with this project for a “confidence issue in the series”. “You can have money, but it’s not always used well,” says the manager, who praises the fiction team and its creator, Fernando González Molina, “for taking care of even the smallest detail and working hard.” “It’s not just money. It is passion, talent and desire to do well. All of this encouraged us to make the two installments », he reveals.

«The series will not leave anyone unsatisfied, because we answer all the questions that have been raised»

González Molina, for his part, explains that they have dedicated five years to this project, at a time when “consumption is so fast and movies and TV go so fast.” “We have given ourselves body and soul because we believed in this story. We also left our hearts. We have made a personal series and the illusion of going further », he confesses. Because his goal, according to him, became an obsession to surprise and “freak out” the viewer in this last season. “‘Paradise’ is a dream come true,” he adds.

Macarena García brings Costa to life.

For screenwriter Ruth García, it was a “challenge and luck” to have the opportunity to make an ending that they already knew how it was going to happen. “The last three chapters were very clear to us. It is our desired ending. It is not going to leave anyone unsatisfied, because we answer all the questions raised in the first episode and give all the answers », she advances.

The series premieres this Friday its second and final season on Movistar Plus+.


The trailer for the second and final season of journalists.

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