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What health benefits does the chaga mushroom have

The chaga mushroom is a fungus that grows inside birch trees in cold regions. This mushroom has been used as a home remedy for centuries in China, Russia and other countries, and is also known as “coal nose”.

According Webconsultas, the chaga mushroom does have beneficial properties for humans, but it is possible that these properties have been oversized by marketing, which would give it an importance that would not be such.

Properties and benefits of the chaga mushroom

The truth is the chaga mushroom is a food very rich in nutrients, which justifies the multiple benefits that have been attributed to it. These nutrients include vitamins B and D, potassium, rubidium, cesium, amino acids, fiber, copper, selenium, zinc, magnesium, and calcium.

The chaga mushroom grows inside these trees called birches. Source: Shutterstock

All these nutrients would allow the chaga fungus to be able to positively contribute to stopping or dealing with different types of conditions. It is said, for example, that chaga mushroom is quite helpful in lowering cholesterol.

The chaga mushroom has also been reported to help lower blood pressure, so it would be widely used by people with a certain susceptibility to frequent power surges.

Another approach establishes that the chaga fungus has the ability to strengthen the immune system. This would allow the chaga fungus to help chemotherapy or radiotherapy patients to recover more easily.

Regarding cancer, it has also been said that the chaga mushroom could help treat or prevent different types of cancersuch as colorectal cancer, breast cancer, and uterine cancer.

The chaga mushroom, a product of marketing?

Chaga mushroom
The benefits of consuming the chaga mushroom are not fully verified. Source: Shutterstock

The benefits and benefits associated with the chaga mushroom have made it a common goal of the food marketing. Although this food does have nutrients and properties to take into account, its benefits may have been exaggerated.

This is what dietician-nutritionist Joan Carles Montero thinks, who thinks that the benefits of the chaga mushroom are exaggerated by the marketing and paramedicine, stating that there are no independent studies endorsed by the scientific community that support them.

According to him, the benefits of the chaga mushroom could only be spoken of as potential, to the extent that more rigorous and exhaustive investigations are needed to investigate them and their interaction with the human body.

This is an opinion shared by Catalina Prieto, Master in Community Nutrition. She believes that the advertising of the food industry “is biased, leading to incorrect conclusions”. This would be the case of the chaga mushroom and other “superfoods”.

Being cautious about the benefits of the chaga mushroom is the best thing you can do. Thus, you will not place all your hopes on its properties and you will diversify your diet to seek the best possible health.

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