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What if happiness was a nursing home?

How many people have you heard say the phrase “I'll be happy when I retire and stop working”?

How many people have you heard say the phrase “I’ll be happy when I retire and stop working”?

They say that the curve of happiness favors and improves as we age. Most studies and authors that analyze the affective world of the elderly agree that those over 70 are happier than people in their 40s that arrive at the “crisis of the 40”.

But why are older people happier?

When we get older, our affective “maturity” is at its best and thanks to our experiences we know how to deal with the different situations and challenges that come our way. And we also have less responsibility and more freedom to choose how and where we want to spend our time.

For many families, Ballesol is the first option when they are looking for a nursing home in summer where they can enjoy themselves and find the state of greatest spiritual and physical satisfaction.

For this reason, the vacation income for any type of stay in the residences of Playa San Juan, Vía Parque and Costa Blanca Senior Resort increase every week in the summer season.

Active and healthy aging

Ballesol Alicante are unique in the way of promoting “the promotion of personal autonomy, comprehensive care, quality of life and well-being or the handling of difficult situations with the care of qualified and specialized professionals”, they are also references in the way to care, the safe and protected adaptation, and at this time, in its commitment to active and healthy aging.

Closeness, professionalism and a complete multiprofessional attention.

Current needs have shown that not all residences are designed and structured to offer comprehensive care where social and health care are combined. In the three centers that Ballesol has in Alicante, the resident will always have the assurance that “You will receive a complete, continuous and integrated multiprofessional care”With the value of the five stars that identify the services of Ballesol Costa Blanca, Vía Parque and Ballesol Playa San Juan.

Located in natural, privileged and friendly environments. Accessible to maximize the level of autonomy and functionality.

Participatory, to give meaning to the activity (meaningful and purposeful) and enhance the dynamics of leisure and time without forgetting the importance of social relationships and the feeling of satisfaction “That helps them to be healthier both physically and psychologically.”

Ballesol Vía Parque and Playa San Juan, a comprehensive solution for each person

In the Ballesol Alicante centers, leisure activities represent one of its main engines.

Ballesol Via Park, Costa Blanca Senior Resort and San Juan Beach They are also models in the transformation of both its infrastructures and digital assistance (remote monitoring, accesses, falls, health history …).

Actions identified in all the facilities of the centers, including the rooms, spaces tailored to each person and need, depending on whether they are more dependent or autonomous.

A model of residence for the elderly on the beach

In this regard, the residence of Costa Blanca Senior Resort, located on the 1st line of the beach in the quiet cove of Villajoyosa, adjacent to Benidorm, offers the addition of apartment stays on the beachfront with the functionality of high-class accommodation with more spaces, equipment and amenities in divided environments and designed for more autonomous and independent people.

In short, the objective of any stay at Ballesol Alicante is also the desire that the resident can grow old improving their quality of life.

More information

Ballesol Alicante Centers

  • Ballesol Playa de San Juan: Avenida San Sebastián, 33, 03540 Playa San Juan, Alicante Tel. 965 154 125
  • Ballesol Via Parque: C/ Virgilio, 17, 03016 Alicante Tel.965 156 833
  • Ballesol Costa Blanca: C / Tramuntana, 2, 03570 La Cala de La Vila, Villajoyosa Alicante Tel. 965 857 671

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